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Treacherous China

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Firstly let me be upfront that I am no expert in defence analytics or military intelligence and hence what I am writing here is simple observations that I have made in the last few weeks. The recent bloody combat that happened in Galwan valley wherein 20 of our brave soldiers were martyred has shaken the consciousness of our people and converted it into a resolve to teach China a lesson. Already I can see conscientious Indians boycotting the Chinese products be it digital or brick & mortar and hence setting in the economic response to the Chinese aggression.

Economic response is something that will hurt China most, not just as a country but also its ruling communist party (CPC) very badly. The reason for that is, just like most businesses in Pakistan are owned by the ISI and military regime, in China most businesses are owned by the politburo members. While the effects of this to show might take some time, but the process is already set in motion and it will create a lot of dissent in CPC too. Though this is a pertinent topic to probe further but what I wanted to write here is about the actual Chinese ambush on our braves in Galwan.

Most reports, Indian as well as global have reported that the number of PLA soldiers involved in the ambush outnumbered the Indian soldiers. And the ratio was minimum of 5 PLAs to 1 Indian soldier. Some global reports are saying that the PLAs outnumbered Indian soldiers by 10 to 1. This was well planned ambush in such a way that it is instigated when the light is bad and visibility is low, the Chinese have fortified themselves with additional troops around the ambush site, the Chinese have come armed with clubs, rods, spike gloves, barbed clubs and stones so that the surprise element is huge and casualties are maximum in the ambush.

Yet if you read about the casualties, 20 Indian soldiers are martyred and the PLA has lost more than 40 ambushers, apparently these are special forces trained in the ambush kind of murderous operations. Some reports have put the PLA casualties at much higher. Just statistically speaking you had 5 PLAs to 1 Indian soldier involved in the ambush on a lower estimate and you had at least 2 PLA deaths to 1 Indian soldier martyred. Now if you do simple statistical extrapolation to compare just the hand combat capabilities of the Indian soldier to PLAs, it accounts to 10 PLAs equal to 1 Indian soldier. So there seems to be a huge asymmetry in the capabilities of the two sides with Indian army coming out as much stronger.

This is purely statistical, to that if you add the other factors such as sheer numbers, ambush site knowledge and preparedness, the environmental conditions and weaponry that was treacherously used by PLA in contravention to the earlier agreements, Indian soldiers have performed way beyond these statistical numbers too. So PLA and their political leadership should be extremely worried.

Global Times, the mouthpiece of Chinese Government before the Galwan ambush was talking that “If India does not back off, China will inflict heavy losses on India”. But the headlines after the ambush were totally changed and the headlines read something like, “India will have to face war on three fronts”. If not nervousness, what else can you call it?

Have the Indian soldiers given a trailer of what is to come for Chinese if they don’t back off from this or any other misadventure? China wanted to inflict heavy casualties with this ambush to deter Indian soldiers and Government from defending its borders. But did we inadvertently inflict a very strong and unpleasant lesson on China and the PLA instead?

It certainly seems so, because they have already started activating their agents in India such as Congress party, Communists, leftists, so called intellectuals, their pliant journalists and media networks to bring down the morale and resolve of our soldiers and the government. In any case the Chinese and PLA are not going to play fair, including using the river waters as weapon during future conflicts and dishonoring the agreements because they are not professional but a rogue army. Hence India’s brave have to be ever vigilant. Our braves and the Government are already fighting a war on several fronts including with many internal enemies as the over-the-ground agents and supporters of China but the people of this country stand firmly behind our forces.

The victory will always be India’s with such brave and honorable soldiers defending its lands in accordance with Dharma. We are proud and very grateful to you.

Vande Mataram, Jai Bharath and Jai Jawan.

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