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Secularism or pseudo-secularism?

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(This is a factual Political opinion on biased secularism. It is not intended to hurt any community or religious sentiments)

Basically what’s secularism? In simple terms, secularism is seperation of law from religion, so no consideration or discrimination on religious basis. The terms ‘Secularism’ and ‘Socialism’ were imposed by then former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the 42nd amendment to the constitution during 1975 Emergency.

But is it appropriate for a state to institute this considering the fact that the belief systems are themselves not secular in nature? For example Islam, it rejects other faiths over Islam, highly evident in history. Tags the disbelievers/idolaters/ polytheists/ atheists as kafir. To discriminate and tag someone on religious basis is the most racial slur, and apparently not secular isn’t it?

Here are some verse from the holy Quran about the kafirs:

Verse 3:28 Believers should not take kafirs as friends in preference to other believers. Those who do this will have none of Allah’s protection and will only have themselves as guard. Allah warns you to fear him for all will return to him.

Verse 4:56 Indeed, those who disbelief in our verses we will drive them into fire. Everytime their skins are roasted through we will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever exalted in might and wise.

Verse 8:12 Then your lord spoke to the angels and said, ‘ I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror to the kafirs’ hearts, cutoff their heads and even the tips of their fingers!’

Verse 33:60 They (kafirs’) will be cursed, and wherever they are found they will be seized and murdered. It was Allah’s same practice with those who came before them, and you will find no change in Allah’s ways.

The holy Quran contributes about more than 60% of the book on kafirs which is almost 350 verses. During the Anti-CAA protests protesters collectively hollered the slogan ‘Kafiron se Azaadi’ I wonder what the bill had to do with kafir!

When the Kashmiri Pandits were swept out of the valley a warning was issued in the speakers for the ‘kafirs’.

History proves how the Mughal’s hatred for kafirs led them to inflict slaughter and vanquish them. It is estimated that officially almost 290 million were the victims of Jihad out of which 80m were Hindus, 60m Christians, 120m African slaves and 10m Buddhists.

Here are some pictures of how the Mughals ruined the ancient Indian structures:

A picture of kashi vishwanath.
Ruins of Hampi

How the implementation of of secularism works… perhaps ‘pseudo’ secularism

1. Education: It’s evident that our education system conveniently fudged chapters in a calibrated way in order to construct a narrative that most of us grow in a conditioned notoriously ‘left liberal’ way. Often loathing our own culture and obsessing the westerners. Let that be maths or science- the ancient Indian way of learning was a never a part of schooling. The schools don’t enlighten the students about the Vedic maths, basic Ayurveda or other inventions/discoveries by the Hindus. History kept persisting that India flourished during the Mughal rule. Emphasised on the Mughal architecture. Concealing the demonic truth like destruction and plundering of our temples, collection of jizayh and exploitation; instead glorified their reign. History books displayed the social evils then existing in the Indian society such as sati, child marriage, casteism, female infanticide though it wasn’t a part of the holy scriptures but were social constructs. Often Students identify the all of Sanatan culture with these social evils which leads to deflection from the pious nature of dharma.

Since we follow the principle of secularism the books should have equally emphasized on the ‘social’ evils inclusive of all the religion in the society.

For example, Muslims women can marry once the females hit puberty which means their age of marriage can be anywhere between 8-15. So was child marriage not prelevant here? Our history books refused to include the agony the Muslim women endured like triple talaq which was later fortunately abrogated in 2019 by the Modi government.

Minority status: Muslims are the fastest growing religion in the world and Indian Muslims contribute to 2nd largest Muslims after the other Islamic nations. In India Muslims constitute to 182 million population out of 1.3 billion population of India. The word minority has no precise definition in the constitution. But in National Commision for Religious and linguistic minorities defines minority as ‘a group comprising less than half of the population’. Can the 182 million exponential community in India be given the status of minority? In Kerela Muslims (26% Muslim population) are given 10% reservation in education and 12% in employment. In Karnataka (12.9% Muslims population) enjoy 4% of reservation in education and employment sectors. Andhra Pradesh government provides 5% employment reservations for the Muslim community. In places like Lakshadweep Hindus are 2.77%, Muslims are majority in states like Kashmir, Assam, and Christians are majority in the states like Nagaland. Despite being sparse in number the Hindus in these regions are not considered as minority where as states few states provides the minorities reservation.Another apparent bias of secularism?

Temple tax: Taxes are collected from the Hindu temples but not from churches or mosques. The Imam are paid an amount as salary but not the monks in the temples (non-government).

Haj subsidy: The pilgrims to haj used to enjoy the subsidy, travel and other facilities were discounted by the govt. This was ceased in 2018 by the Modi govt.

Halal: The word halal in Arabic translates to ‘allowed or permissible under Islamic laws’ for Muslims. In today’s date most of current business firms require halal certification irrespective of religion. The meat supply chain is controlled by halal certification. In the meat slaughtering business the butcher should be a muslim and should follow Islamic procedures to slaughter the animal. Even in a secular country meat consumers have no choice but have to consume the meat butchered through islamic procedure. Maybe this is the mountain of secularism! Many firms purchase only the halal certified meat which has massively affected the jhatka meat sellers and other small scale meat sellers they’re forced to change the course of the occupation.

Basically the Muslim authorities have complete control over the halal monopoly in a secular nation. Not only meat there are Halal certifications on other cosmetics and similar products. Certifications for ayurvedic medicines and hospitals; Dhathri Ayurvedic hospital was the first to get halal certified. Even brands like Patanjali are forced to acquire halal certification. How can one firm gain the authority to control the monopoly in an economy with religious motives alone? How can this be imposed in a secular nation?

Can a community of 182m qualify for minority grounds? Can the fastest-growing religion, the second most populated religion be given the status of minority? Can a firm grab control over economy solely based on religion? Is this secularism or Pseudo-Secularism?

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