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Something very interesting happened in my family WhatsApp group today. Somethings were getting discussed suddenly few people felt offended and left group and so on. Rest you can imagine. Damage control mode, political discussion prohibition advice and so on.

Point what is political discussion and why should this not be discussed freely. Anything pertaining to country’s history, heritage, culture, economics, defense, leadership or anything on that line is what needs to be discussed among the citizens of a country whether they are part of the family, friends, work colleagues or any such relation. This can help build healthy public opinion. Here comes a catch suddenly things are presented in such a manner as if discussing them is divisive and should have another forum for it. More to it the problem is any opinion apart from the well established one is being given a political color.

Now we will have to understand that for long we lived in a state of denial. We as a society have tried to maintain false agenda just in order to maintain the sensitivity of communities which at one glance looks to be a great approach. But does it not suggest that in order to maintain the ethical and progressive values we should also work on getting the corrected and justified stands taken. In subsequent notes I will try to take point to point example in order to explain this.

Starting with history we tried writing it in such a way that communal harmony is maintained. But does it not speak of lack of leadership appeal on part of policy makers. Anything written in black and white should be part of history as this is what defines us. Years of glorious past with marvelous architecture, great economic sense and strong leaders have define our past and they should not be ignored for some looters who came to India in search of home having been driven away from their mother land. If this is not told loud and clear we would be living in myths.

For years the policy of economics in India has been consistent with policy of localisation. This is something which helped keep each area self sufficient. The extent of this success was such that in case of famines or other natural calamities when the local economy was wiped out, it always bounced back on account of their local prowess. Sustainability of the same was so great that the riches existed for ages. Even the looters came to India attracted by these riches, stayed here and ruled for around more that 500 years including Muslims, Mughals and Brits.

Same goes with the knowledge, culture and tradition that have survived till today. Now I come back to my previous point. With the history writing, economic policies, diplomacy and international relations and many more we have some established norms of which many are not supported by fact. Now in case someone today comes up with alternative view we have made ourselves ready to ridicule him without even trying to understand the facts.The divide is starting to be so big that neither we are trying to learn the facts nor we are trying to build logic in the discussion. Hence all the points come down the avoiding it by categorizing everything as political discussion. Political sides are painted and that point is killed there forever.


To speak truly everything related to country is political and avoiding this discussion we are all leaving a space for manipulation. Dividing a country does not require to change a complete history which is based on fact. It is just that a misinformation spread without any facts will be enough to create confusion. confusion will create divide and divide will help incompetent people rule.

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