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Narendra Modi- Not falling into the trap of self-serving seculars

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Rakesh Kumar Pandey
Rakesh Kumar Pandey
Professor in Physics at Kirori Mal College. Teaching in a DU college since 1989. Academic Council member in Delhi University from 1994 to 1998. Activist associated with NDTF activities in Delhi University. Former President of NDTF.

Success of Modi in keeping his votes intact and growing, is that he has not got trapped into the game of opportunists. He has cared little for opportunists and instead, has gone extra miles to keep the selfless RSS voters and other nationalists enthusiastic and hopeful. They have been kept optimistic about achieving something that they had only dreamed throughout the adverse circumstances they faced before 2014. RSS workers are known to work with a great self-zeal to achieve the goal of having a prosperous and powerful India and have worked for about a century, mostly when the scenario was not favorable for them.

The signs that Modi is indeed moving in the right direction to achieve their long cherished dreams are enough for keeping them upbeat. BJP is not finding its strength from opportunists, rather it has found the strength in enhancing the desire and hope of pure nationalists. These people have remained active on social media aggressively on their own, much to the dismay and disappointment of opportunists on either side. His election campaigns are self-driven by nationalists who have always been given enough reasons by Modi to remain upbeat and active on their own. This social media army of Modi, hatefully called as ‘Andh-Bhakts’ or ‘trolls’, have cared little for the campaign engineered by the opposition to malign and trivialize their support to Modi.

This unwavering and growing support has been able to counter a huge army of paid opportunists who have working through their established institutions created during their rule. These opportunists, who are steadily and surely getting outnumbered, say that the drives carried out in favor of Modi are manufactured by IT cells of BJP and paid propagandists like them but even they themselves hardly believe in that. RSS workers have worked to support Modi only because they were convinced that unlike the government under Atal ji, this government was determined for removal of article 370 of constitution, construction of Ram Mandir, passing laws for population control and against Triple-Talaq as well as putting India on the course of becoming a super power. RSS Swayamswaks are trained for making sacrifices and still continue their social services in order to realize their dreams and it goes to the credit of Modi that he has never let them down.

Modi has asked for sacrifices to identify and satisfy the nationalists. His call to give up kitchen gas cylinders didn’t work only for those who were benefited by the scheme but it worked even for those who gave up the subsidies. He has asked for help and acts from the nationalists to make them feel that they are participating in the effort to make a happy and prosperous India. He has given the nationalists enough opportunities to draw satisfaction instead of making them feel helpless or hopeless.

Modi has kept his formula simple. He doesn’t try to lure opportunists who would let him down at the next opportunity that they will get. It had happened in the case of Atal ji. Opposition had all praise for him but no votes. Atal ji was forced to play soft on Pakistan and communists. The government that was rewarded for their satisfactory handling of Kargil war and courageous Pokharan adventure lost the confidence for the way they handled Kandhar hostage crisis in 1999, for the way they couldn’t retaliate when terrorists attacked the parliament in 2001 and when VHP went impatient on the issue of Shiladan in Ayodhya during 2003. Not only the government kept silence on these issues, Advani went on to praise even Jinnah. The dream of nationalists was shattered by 2004 despite the fact that government had performed excellent on infrastructure, with minimum blame of corruption and had accumulated an unprecedented foreign reserve to keep the hope in economy alive.

But all this happened with a clear compromise on its nationalist’s outlook and therefore he couldn’t find enough self-driven nationalist supporters. Atal’s government kept on trying to win over those who were working on an agenda to bring a corrupt government back to power. Atal’s NDA was trapped under the interest of this self-centred, self-serving pseudo-secular lobby and was forced to follow a semi-secular path to please his opposition and to ‘appear acceptable’ on a wider scale. Instead, Modi has banked on the original outlook of BJP and the hardcore RSS self-less workers – the tried and the tested. He knows that there is a danger of losing the original support base like it happened with Atal ji, if you start positioning according to the needs of opportunists.

Congress and other regional secular parties had created an army of paid workers whose financial and existential interest pivoted around the success of those political outfits. Now there is a tug of war between those and the selfless nationalists. Just as Kejriwal’s paid volunteers deserted him at the time of Corona crisis in Delhi but the selfless nationalists including RSS workers didn’t, Modi is consolidating the support of these selfless nationalists and as a consequence the pseudo-secular ecosystem is crumbling.

His message is uncomplicated and clear: don’t take your original supporters for granted. Instead you can safely take the opportunists granted.

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Rakesh Kumar Pandey
Rakesh Kumar Pandey
Professor in Physics at Kirori Mal College. Teaching in a DU college since 1989. Academic Council member in Delhi University from 1994 to 1998. Activist associated with NDTF activities in Delhi University. Former President of NDTF.
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