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Hindus in danger- Fact or fiction?

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India achieved independence on august 15,1947 or the date when real India was partitioned into three parts -one became that angry insecure grumpy child who always just want to harm the elder, if someone will inquire why? they probably wouldn’t have any answer other than the religion and the other part well it was demanded for the strategic cause but it became the Achilles heel for the grumpy child.

Nonetheless, the thing which remained the same in both the newly acquired territories was the onslaught on Hindu traditions as a culture, Hinduism as a religion and Hindus as an ethnic race. The whole partition happened because some people located at Lucknow thought that Muslims won’t be able to live a life peacefully along with Hindus yet after 70 years it’s the opposite race that is being persecuted just for being themselves. Ironic isn’t it?

Though this article is not about the history lesson, we will cover that sometime later, today let’s come on hard facts- Name a country across the whole world where a terrorist attack happens and by co-incidence one of the terrorist is nabbed alive but after days of him getting arrested the oldest political party and the ruling party of the nation along with a film maker whose own son by twist of fate was involved in the attack do a press conference for a book launch and openly states that the terrorist attack was pre-planned by an organization [which depicts itself as the custodian of Hinduism],CIA and the Moss-ad together. Thereby came the title of “Hindu Terrorism”, though the traces of it in the past and the present are next to zero.

The country was India, attack was 26/11, organization was RSS and film maker was Mahesh Bhatt. Yes the same man who became a prophet by knowing that Sushant sir may commit suicide but didn’t knew that his son was getting in touch with David Headley aka Daood Sayed Gilani

Mahesh Bhatt, keeping a deliberate Hindu name abusing Hinduism

Imagine there exists a country, from it’s length to breadth, it’s immediate neighbors to it’s far flung neighbors all are following some sort of the same culture, they knew the folklore, they have the relevance’s and the historical proof but your nation from where it all sprang up, your nation’s ruling party states in the supreme court that there is actually no historical proof of all of this even though the archaeology, tradition ,literature endorses the exact opposite view.

The country was India which is known as “Bharat” as per article 1 of the Indian constitution, party was INC, year was 2007 and the statement was “there is no historical relevance of Rama”.


Now imagine the stigma when Rahul Gandhi had to wear the janeu and you thought only Modi ji is a Hindu, no wonder you are a Bhakt.

Remember in 2016 when a horse died at a BJP rally and whole media got berserk, even the commie-dian cried though it’s another fact that cow does not come under the banner of “being an Animal”, curious how I know this intricate detail? read below.

An animal which is revered by a community is openly butchered, dishes being made and served, even jibes are taken on how a whole community is bad just because it drinks the urine of an animal. Popular reporters, directors, influencers and some actors had taken the same jibes, though it’s an entirely different twist that all these jibes are similarly taken by most of the terrorists that had the pure hatred against a race.


The animal is Cow, festival happened in the Kerala and the Pulwama terrorist that had blew himself had taken the same jibes which today most intellectuals make “filthy cow worshiping race“.

In every religion there are certain identities, some practices that are practiced. A thread which is used by a community is wrapped around pigs and festival is made out of it. The thread was Janaeu [A sacred thread wore by Brahmans] and the state was Tamil Nadu.

Isn’t it downright comical that a whole ethnic race was artificially made extincted from a place where they reside just because they were Hindus, a cop was lynched because he just had a name tag of “PANDITH”, sadhus were lynched well because they were sadhus, a guru/mystic is mocked by a commie-dian on a case which was settled by the court of law, a lieutenant colonel was put behind bars without trial but a filmmaker wants the Hindus to kneel down because of the atrocities. Slow claps.
Now, I leave the conclusion to you, is the danger real enough or just a fiction made by people who are popularly trolled as Bhakt

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