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Hindus in Kashmir

हिंदुओं की पुराने अनुपात में वापसी ही कश्मीर घाटी की चिंता का समाधान है

कश्मीर को शांत वादियों में बदलना है तो उसे अस्सी के दशक में मौजूद रहे जनसंख्या के मूल ढांचे में लाना ही पड़ेगा। इसके अलावा बाकी सारे उपाय फौरी तौर पर तो सफल हो सकते हैं, लेकिन वह लंबे समय तक कारगार नहीं हो पाएंगे।

Hindus in danger- Fact or fiction?

Isn't it downright comical that a whole ethnic race was artificially made extincted from a place where they reside just because they were Hindus, a cop was lynched because he just had a name tag of "PANDITH", sadhus were lynched well because they were sadhus, a guru/mystic is mocked by a commie-dian on a case which was settled by the court of law, a lieutenant colonel was put behind bars without trial but a filmmaker wants the Hindus to kneel down because of the atrocities.

The Abandoned Home

The valley still bleeds, the mountains still cry, the Pandits and their resolve however, march on hoping against hope to return to their home, once again.

Rare interview from 1990 of Kashmiri Hindus highlighting the plight faced by community

The interview is critical since it is recorded from the time when Exodus of Hindus from Valley was almost complete and people were still not rehabilitated by the Indian Government.

Kashmir; it’s all about Islam

Islam is the problem in Kashmir. Kashmir is not a political or any ideological movement.

Talks will not solve Kashmir problem

Neither war nor peaceful talks is going to work. Today’s era demands proxy-war and strategic moves.

The Kashmir Question – A Permanent Solution

A mere Presidential proclaimation cannot repeal article 370

Jammu Kashmir: Victim of misinformation and lack of information

The problem of Jammu and Kashmir is the result of spreading of selective and presenting the manipulated information, so that it will keep the majority in dark and benefit a few.

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