Rare interview from 1990 of Kashmiri Hindus highlighting the plight faced by community

A Rare interview from June 1990 of Kashmiri Hindus has been uploaded recently which highlights the issues faced by the community which sought refugee in different parts of India during the time. The interview of prominent Kashmiri Hindu activists Mr. Agni Shekhar and Mr. Shailendra Aima is one of the rare interviews available now from that time. Both highlight the plight of Kashmiri Hindus and issues faced by the Hindu refugees during their exodus from the valley.

Capture from the Video

The interview is critical since it is recorded from the time when Exodus of Hindus from Valley was almost complete and people were still not rehabilitated by the Indian Government. There has been a planned attempt to suppress the events of 1989-90 in Kashmir, which led to the exodus of Hindus from the valley. The interview clearly highlights that the government of India had to clue about what was going on and provided no immediate help to the homeless refugees.

Mr. Agnishekhar highlights how more than 45,000 families consisting of more than 2 lakh people only had 3000 tents to live in. Refugees were forced to live on roads, parks, temples and Gurudwaras. It has been highlighted how BJP & RSS were one of the first organizations to offer help to the refugees in distress.

The most critical part of the interview is when Mr. Agnishekhar and Mr. Aime highlight the point that one of the major challenges being faced was fighting the misinformation campaign of Human rights organizations. Human Rights organization, PUCL has been named in specific. They highlight how human rights organizations were attempting to kill the story of Hindu exodus from Valley and provided no help to the refugees who fled the valley.

Kashmiri Hindus for the last 3 decades have been making every attempt to tell their story to the world who have forgotten about one of the biggest internal displacement of people in India post-independence. The interview sheds a light on the situation of Kashmiri Hindu refugees then who still after 3 decades haven’t been able to return to a safe Kashmir. The complete interview is available on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOAhceBL0ro

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