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Talks will not solve Kashmir problem

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media

Kashmir problem began from the day it became Hindu minority. In 1947 it just had 15% Hindus which came down to 5% in 1981 and ultimately complete exodus took place.

One cannot term it as phenomenon of people’s aspirations and problem of insurgency. The problem further complicates when Western nations, who had History of blood and imperialism take high moral grounds and ask India to look for ‘humanitarian side’. Everyone knows how US crushed the rebellion of 7 Southern states when Lincoln was President and they were all Christian majority states. No one should force India when and why to talk with Pakistan and Hurriyat leaders on issue of Kashmir.

India had several rounds of talks with Pakistan and Kashmir separatist leaders since 1947. Still we were forced to face wars and after war time its again same old routine of talks!

Pakistani artists came to India did all their performances there was enough cultural exchanges too many literature festivals but nothing changed. Our political leadership should admit that talks and peace pigeons failed miserably.

Cry over AFSPA

In my view AFSPA in Kashmir is very weak and must be strengthened to 100 folds. Army does not come on its own will. It’s the power of Governor of state when he realizes that law and order situation has worsened beyond the solving limits of state police. In such a situation when army is called for, one cannot expect normal process of law and formalities.

Supreme Court ordered investigation against 97 killings in Manipur which were alleged as fake encounter by security forces. First of all incompetent judges of Apex court must not poke their nose in such an extra-ordinary circumstances. They refused to order investigations in cases of Kashmiri Hindus who were butchered by Jihadis in 1989-90.

Remember that Army has not taken control on its own wishes. US forces who bombarded Islamic state of Iraq on fake allegations of Chemical weapons must not lecture India on how to deal with Kashmir issue.

One cannot talk with those militants who are trained to shoot with AK-47. Security forces have already shown maximum possible restraint in dealing with AFSPA situation. Rock throwers blinded our security personnel with stones several times. One cannot ignore human rights of a person just because he is in uniform. The pain of CRPF and BSF jawans who fight with both naxals and Jihadis are often ignored. They are still lagging with respect to right amount of incentives and other benefits.

Men with uniform are not entitled to get any human rights.

Performance of present Government

It’s important to evaluate present Government with full honesty and unbiased attitude. No doubt that terrorist elimination grew multiple times if we compare from previous regimes. Nation appreciated surgical strikes on Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Major Gogoi got Government’s appreciation for his innovative way of dealing with insurgency. Prime Minister Modi raised issue of Baluchistan which was an excellent strategic move, too.

Remember how Major Gogoi gave a an apt lesson to the ‘Kashmiri Youht’?

Building of Chabahar and developing alternative trade tactics posed big challenge before Indian enemies.

Still Modi regime failed on many fronts. Indian Government still playing hide and seek with Hurriyat leaders. They get arrested for few days and then they are released. Medical visas to Pakistan citizens is another blunder by Indian Government. One must be honest in showing rivalry and must not help the enemy state at any cost.

Fear is creeping in minds of Jammu Hindus. The threat of another demographic change is looming over their mind. Kathua case conspiracy proved that Islamic regime can go to any extent to defame Hindus and then justify their violence. It’s not just fear of physical violence but tactics of exerting mental pressure, forcing Hindus to show principles of non-violence in favour of barbarians. Leftist student wings in New Delhi just shout slogans of breaking India and still they are stars of News channels.

Government is just doing lip service in Rohingya Muslims issue. It was clear after Independence that only persecuted Hindus will get shelter in India. The Independence Act clearly gave way to separate Islamic Pakistan and there is no legal obligation on India to bear blunder of Islamic refugees. Government failed to give louder and clearer message to apex court that you cannot hear the matter of Rohingya refugees. Why judiciary must decide matters of refugees and foreign policy? The Hindus in Jammu are frightened when they think about possible demographic change which could be injected with help of West Pakistan and Rohingya Muslim refugees. The protests of Hindus is growing louder while our media is still singing songs of- Islam Khatre mein hai.

After enjoying 10 years of Vice resident post he feels Muslims are in danger

Interlocutors: A failed idea of dealing with proble

Congress Govt in 2010 appointed group of interlocutors under the Chairmanship of Dileep Padgaonkar for the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

As expected there was nothing concrete. Some of the recommendations by the group were not in tune with Indian sovereignty. The interlocutor reports said that returning to pre-1953 situation will create constitutional vacuum in Center-State relations. This statement looks absolute nonsense because we have an army to control the situation and local electoral leadership always indulges in soft separatism.

The committee even recommended to delete the word Temporary from Article 370 and replace it with the word Special. It also recommended to gradually reduce officers from All India Services from Jammu and Kashmir. A further devolution of powers to Panchayati Raj was also mentioned.

These recommendations must never get accepted. Indian Union must not surrender before the evil forces which wants sharia law in Kashmir. Such radical belief gets support of some super secular intellectuals who always looked other side of border with more favorable sight.  We had too many talks with these people but nothing changed.

Possible solution of Kashmir insurgency

I neither support war nor peaceful talk. Today’s era demands proxy-war and strategic moves.

First of all India must remove Article 370. India cannot bear an absolutely independent state within Indian state. It was a temporary provision and can be removed through president order. The observation of Supreme Court that it has gradually acquired permanent status is wrong and a classic example of Judicial overreach.

Kick out Rohingya Muslims. India is already providing resources to Bangladesh for care of Rohingya Muslims through Operation Insaniyat. Dump some more refugees at that place and get rid of menace. India can offer financial aid to develop Rakhine state of Myanmar but they have to keep their Rohingya Muslims with them.

It is necessary to invest more resources own Jammu region. We cannot continue to spend endlessly on Kashmir Muslims who are just busy in waving Pakistan flags.

Armed insurgency has to be treated with unmanned drone attacks. If Saudi Arabia can get Chairman Seat of UN Human Rights Council after bombarding Yemen with drones just on the ground that Houthi shia might become threat to Saudi Arabia’s National security then India must not shy away from using extra force. India already secured its oil reserves by placing order with US shale companies and started petroleum plants in Africa.

Invite few Uighur Muslims delegates from China. Let us have media debate and discussion about how China treats its Muslim citizens. Pakistan must get a loud and clear message. Will Pakistan continue to work with nation like China, who suppresses Muslims within its territory?

Last but not least, dams on Indus and its tributaries are crucial. Sawalkot dam must be built as fast as possible. World Bank already cleared Kishanganga hydropower project. We can stop Pakistan’s water within the limits of Indus Water treaty. There are many other tactics which cannot be elaborated within formal public discussions


India must learn from its Historical blunders. Amnesty given by Prithvi Raj Chauhan to Muhammad Ghori proved to be disastrous for India. Even Lord Ram and Krishna advocated battle beyond a certain points. More than 70 years of talks and peace efforts failed miserably. We cannot ruin our sovereignty on the name of Human Rights.

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media
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