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Civilisation Struggle Series – Sexual Revolution

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All sexual revolutionaries in the twentieth century have their spiritual roots in Marxism as it advocates that women were sexually oppressed by patriarchal society from the beginning of the advent of civilization and a mythical matriarchial society in the beginning which was usurped by men. The sexual revolution is not only affecting the vast majority of modern men and women but also the whole society. Now almost every government is toeing the line of this agenda.

As a part of world community and in the age of globalization we cannot remain unaffected by this and it shows when new generation openly embrace it and liberals have huge role in this and no traditionalists had say in this makes it worrisome. The new generation have distanced themselves from traditional institutions such as family and marriage and undermine Hindu Scriptures and has habit of putting constitution above all in every aspect of their life. They demand co- education and cohabitation. They used the increased access to education, consumption and free time and sought to organise their own lives instead of being guided by institutions of the past (Elders , Ancestral customs, Gurus & Shastra).

Sexual revolution supporters  want their own utopia so that they can topple the prevailing traditional societal order. Now coming to what consists of sexual revolution I have summarized it in 4 points as listed below.

1.       Feminism
2.       Pornography
3.       Music
4.       Homosexual movement

1.      Feminism

Feminism has liberated women from the slavery of their fertility, thus freeing them for personal and professional opportunities they could not have enjoyed before. It has liberated men, too from their former chains, many would argue the bondage of having to take responsibility for the women they had sex with.

Feminist logic on this is: because women were oppressed by men, women must deny their feminine identity to enjoy the same privileges as men. The time had come for women to break free of the shackles of patriarchal oppression, flee the slavery of motherhood, fulfill themselves in careers, and indulge themselves in “liberated sexuality.” For that, contraception and abortion were indispensable.

The radical feminist agenda had been established:
– Rejection of sexual morality
– Rejection of marriage, motherhood, and family,
– Abortion as a woman’s “human right,” the career woman as the only role model and projection of housewives being  burden
-A power struggle against men.

Women began to rebel against traditional diktats, partly because social conditions had changed through advent of industrialization and communism influence. They wanted a war between the sexes and separation of sexuality from motherhood. They wanted political rights, the right to education, and better social conditions. In the western world, these demands have largely been met and in Indian society this has been seeping in slowly through social media, western sisterhood and feminist pushing for equal rights in everything. Equal rights which would benefit men and prove disadvantageous to women. Women were to work in production and no longer for their husbands and children at home.This was eliminating the woman’s role as the informal ruler of their family.

The great overthrow of the traditional role of women finally breathed it last through legalization of contraception and abortion.

Feminism hadn’t been about equal rights for a long time. The goal was renunciation of heterosexuality and the destruction of the family and marriage. Social structures that cannot exist without the union of man and woman in marriage will lead to downfall of our oldest civilization on earth. Descrecation of marriages in society is already trending with youth acceptance of live in relationship and pre marital sex. Whereupon young girls are waylaid to jumps from one relationship immediately into another one.

This sexual liberation is empowering for both men and women without the benefits of marriage and this poses a threat to the social structure established in our society. This will lead to fall of moralistic attitude and decline in marriage and family (the strongest pillar of a strong civilization)

A person rooted in religion and family is hard to manipulate. First the moral bond to belief in God and the social bond to the family must be broken if people are to be manipulated into  deviancy and degeneration. Once the views and behavior of the masses had been altered in this way, the global cultural revolution could proceed unhindered. Traditionals have huge responsibility upon them but progressive and liberals throw them under bus for rejecting progressive and liberal ideas. Traditionals get shamed for practicing age old rituals of men wearing Janeu, Tilak, Vibhuti and Hindu women wearing Sindoor and Mangalsutra. I remember kids used to mock us when we wore Tilak or Kalawa on our hands. These are our Hindu symbolism which we wear with pride but repeated snubbing and sneering from fascist elements would makes this symbolism irrelevant in long run.

Sexualization blinds people and makes them unwilling to resist attacks on the fundamental pillars of society’s value system. Through determined manipulation of opinion and the sexualization of the entire society, the pressure on the dam of sexual law became stronger and stronger until, piece by piece, it began to give way.

-Divorce laws in India under Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955,

-Same-sex marriages are not legally recognised in India nor are same-sex couples, in 2011, a Haryana court granted legal recognition to a same-sex marriage involving two women. Though section 377 has been decriminalised, there is no law in India which legally recognises a marriage between a couple of same-sex (We should be thankful in this case  as marriage is the only social construct which stops the elements from destroying Hindu society).

As radical minorities, feminists and homosexual activists played a central role in pushing the new ethic forward. In the name of freedom, new “rights” have been proclaimed and propagated to undermine religious traditions:

-the right to free love
-the right to contraception
-the right to abortion (“I have the right to control my own body!”)

The right to artificial fertilization (delaying pregnancy through various means of contraceptives and storing eggs and resorting to IVF treatments which only rich can afford. Middle class women have been feed the lies about their biological clock and that time can be stopped).

– The right to freely choose one’s sexual orientation (Children as young as 10 year olds are deciding their own genders and obstructing the natural orientation while parents oblige them).

– Rights of children against their parents (Rejection of ancestral customs to align with new trends like worshiping Abrahamics to prove to your friends that you are secular). Like following monolithic ideologies like liberalism, egalitarianism, secularism etc which has its roots in Christianity.

The term “freedom” is far away from truth and responsibility. People for few cheap moment of thrills give away their whole life and when they turn back nothing is left for them.

2. Pornography

The media sexualized the masses. Pornography is everywhere, and accessible to anyone of any age over the Internet. The child pornography market is booming industry and openly social media flaunts fan pages with explicit contents. Just saying Twitter has kids as young as 13 year can register and easily access the site and lured by paedophiles. Kids on social media unattended gets lured easily

A few decades ago, pornography was almost exclusively consumed by grown men. Boys are significantly more likely than girls to have friends who view online pornography. Pornography is saturating all of society, all classes, all professions, all age groups. Unlike food addictions or anorexia, pornography addiction is not visible on the addict himself.

The saturation point has reached a limit where everything is normalized. Girls sending nudes to random boys online is mark of saturation point where they fear no consequences and feel its liberating and sign of progressive mindset.  There is no stopping of this ripple effect in society. Recently a Hindu girl confessed that she was helping a Hindu girl “set up” with Muslim guy and apparently the girl happened to be teenager. Young girls are easy target for predators and its heartbreaking to see them fall prey on behest of some encouragement from other girls.

Research and data suggest that the habitual use of pornography can have a range of damaging effects on human beings of all ages and of both sexes, affecting their happiness, their productivity, their relationships with one another, and their functioning in society.

Those who start using pornography generally aren’t aware that looking at pornographic images can quickly lead to a clinical addiction. Its ‘Escapism’ from reality and loneliness and no support from family and friends.

We see young girls having no gumption to film themselves doing sexual acts online. Recent spurs of Onlyfan amongst every 16-17 year old girls is alarming. The phrases “Sex work is just another work” does round in every  social circle. This poses as threat not only to sex workers but also creates impression amongst school/college going young girls that they can get easy money without ‘doing anything’ and they also fall into this trap.

Pornography has gone from suppression to obsession. While 50 years ago, a kiss on the lips was all that was shown on screen, today we are bombarded all day with images of sexual activity that have just one purpose, to sexually stimulate the viewer and prompt them to buy products of all types.

3. Music

Music tends to have a strong impact and influences the mind, attitudes, and identity of adolescents every day. The trend in pop music from dissolution of sexual standards to satanic content. From what I see and hear the pop music industry propagating, disintegration of sexual standards was just a step in the moral destruction of youth. I watched what was modern a few years ago, and one can see that for decades popular music has become more and more sexualized. Now pedophilic allusions and promotion of degrading sexual practices—even rape—have become routine. In my opinion, there have never been so many negative influences among “mainstream’ artists. Musician and singers covertly use themes like usage of drugs, normalize prostitution, defend hedonist lifestyle.

Point in case being

1. Madonna overt sexual and Gothic lifestyle. The pop star controversial lifestyle is openly followed and defended by her fans.

2.The emerging cancel culture over artist asserting their personal views like Lil Nas who was viciously trolled for merely saying “Stop pretending there is no correlation between violence and slam. This cancel culture trend has became so much rage that artist prefer to be politically correct or else face industry and fans outrage. Though these are western artist, Indian kids lap it up and project their thoughts and ideas based on the current trends.

Male rappers degrade women into merely objects or tools to be used for sex and lyrics like ‘hoe’ or  ‘bitch’ that provide justification for engaging in acts that are violent or sexual against women. Females in hip-hop rappers like Eve, Lil Kim, Trina, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B– have tried to take back some of the ownership of women being sexually active. Over the years, studies have been performed to determine how exposure to rap music with misogynistic lyrics can cause a person to become sexually aggressive and violent to their significant other.

4. Homosexual movement

LGBT a miniscule population whose sexual tendencies deviate from those of the vast majority have succeeded in turning their interests into the dominant issue of the global cultural revolution. They have largely become a group whose sexuality has taken centerstage when there are whole lot of other issues right now world should focus on. This is serious, because fulfillment of these interests does not contribute to solving the existential problems of society as a whole, but worsens them—including the disintegration of families and the demographic crisis.

Men and women alike are assumed by society to follow and conform with these specified gender roles. In many countries registered civil unions have been introduced, and in some places full marriage equality has been granted to gays and lesbians. Considering the fact that millions in public money are being spent to push through the LGBT agenda, and that this issue finds advocates at the highest levels of politics, one would think that this is a phenomenon that affects the masses. It is therefore relevant what percentage of the population self-identify as homosexual.

Research studies show that identity conflicts in childhood can lead to homosexual tendencies. Various childhood experiences in the family have a major influence on whether a person later enters heterosexual or homosexual marriage.Men were more likely to enter a homosexual partnership if they had had one of the following childhood experiences: divorced parents, absent father, childhood trauma etc.

Capitalism is  responsible for perversions as being decadent and against nature; homosexuality, obscenity, prostitution and pornography would no longer exist under socialism.

The political power and huge financial resources of the UN, the EU, the governments of the United States and other countries, and the billions controlled by foundations, global corporations, and NGOs, have been thrown behind the effort to deconstruct the two gender theory, normalise sexual freedom, dissolve the family, and destroy the social construct.

UN and its powerful sub-organizations fight for

– dissolution of men’s and women’s sexual identity

– elimination of marriage and the family

– forsaking sexual morality

–  for abortion as a “human right”

It seems as if the powerful of this world have been hellbent to destroy the social construct which protects them against malevolent ideas and establish a new social order where upon freedom of choice is everyone gets to have their “chance” with anyone.


Conservatives and traditionalist decried the fall of traditions and moral values. Some feared that civilisation would decay as social construct might break down allowing primal drives to take over. Sexuality was seen as a dark force that needed to be channelled by age old institutions such as marriage and promote chastity amongst females and men upholding patriarchial values (protecting women of their household). Traditional upbringing and following Hindu customs with rigour and devotion and continuing the traditions for our progenies. Our traditions and customs are different from “others” we are upholder of world’s oldest religion. PROTECT traditions and RESIST progressive western ideas

Due to the extent that these institutions and ideologies, were deeply ingrained in our culture, we have resisted western degeneracy and still going strong but for how long?

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