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3 befitting replies of Narendra Modi

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The term befitting reply has been abused too much by bolly brigade, to the extent of degrading the essence of the word befitting; it has become a meme material more so, than a genuine usage of the word!

Today we’ll actually scroll through (in no particular order), 3 instances where Prime Minister Narendra Modiji has given befitting replies, and how! No, these are not the conventional ones where we see the roar/sarcasm/facts he scares the opposition ‘leaders’ with. These are a few unconventional befitting replies which might have gone unnoticed by many.

  1. India’s star coach Pullela Gopichand

Yes, a little known TV group (you’d only know them if you were a 22 year old Man living in a mega city watching them precisely on weekdays at 8 PM sharp for 1 minute) insulted Gopichand condescendingly as ‘little known’. The Prime minister made sure to introduce this little known man and his achievements summed up as a befitting reply in a tweet!

  1. Foreign policy

Many opposition ‘leaders’ have umpteen times mocked PM’s hugplomacy as if it is an embarrasment to the nation. What they have missed, is the sassy relationship India enjoys with major countries of the world. Take the example of US Iran conflict at the start of 2020. Growing tensions between US and Iran were a risky scenario for many. The diplomatic brilliance of Team Modi pulled off an exemption for Chabahar from the US Sanctions. Be it a Democratic POTUS Obama, or a Republican POTUS Trump, Modi has never shown reluctance to build and maintain relationships that are fruitful for India. One can only imagine India in the league of being friends with Iran, Israel, United States, Saudi Arabia all at the same time!
Before 2014 happened, the critics of PM Modi had asked one question. “How will this man manage India’s foreign policy?” A befitting reply, for sure!

  1. Silencing Dissenters

Arun Shourie had been very dissatisfied with PM Modi’s working style. From a stature of being a renowned intellectual, journalist, economist and a politician; Arun Shourie had reduced himself to a troll, attacking PM Modi, criticizing him at various platforms and events. Mostly any individual would have become a sworn enemy of such a troll. When Shourie was not keeping well and in a hospital in Pune, he got a surprise visitor! PM Modi embraced Shourie, shared 15 minutes with the former BJP Leader and enquired about his health. In a world where drawing cartoons leads to vandalism, PM Modi shows that respect and friendship despite disagreements is a part and parcel of his life. A befitting reply, to the intolerance gang.

What strength, is PM Modi made up of, we will never be able to know. But we know one thing for sure. The man is class, India’s pride. Even his detractors and critics wish for a Modi at their side!

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