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When, where and how did the ‘demonisation’ of army began in Kerala

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The start of the scenario takes us back to June 2016. The entire state of Kerala was in a state of shock when ‘Love Jihad’ sprang up again with evidence. The entire Kerala media (which is largely CPM aligned) tried to undermine the scenario but giving less coverage. Yes, the report were scarce,yet some reports did see the light. The fact that Anti-terrorist cell of Kerala Police had been dissolved years back. Coming back to point, when NIA enquiry and Kerala Police investigation finally concluded, there was no evidence for ‘Love Jihad’. But reports unearthed that over $40million worth of funds were channeled through various accounts in Kerala every year for terrorist activities.

Some notable NGOs to even shell political parties (political parties that are registered but not active) were used. Added to it, the spike in crime rates meant that Kerala finally satisfied the full conditions required to invoke AFSPA. This was a wake up call for many. Pre 2016 era was defined by violence on CPM cadre by extremist forces funded by ISI (PFI,NDF etc) and various other terror outfits (especially in CPM strongholds). After this investigation, many defected to cadres of CPM. Under the camouflage of the party the active cyber works of the sleeper cells began. Their primary target- The Indian army.

In 2018, the state reported 453 deaths and 140 persons as missing, along with damages worth Rs 31,000 crore caused by the floods. Around 15,632 houses were fully damaged and another 3,06,766 houses partially damaged. Unrestricted mining operations owned by politicians have contributed to environmental degradation. The amicus curiae appointed by the Kerala High Court to assist it in flood-related cases informed the court on Wednesday that the sudden release of water simultaneously from different reservoirs during the heavy rain in August 2018 had aggravated the damage during the floods.Adding to this was the fact the Kerala governments deliberately delayed call to Army for help. The leadership was in defensive, with minister MM Mani and CM Vijayan himself coming under scrutiny. To curb this, the IT cell (dominated by sleeper cells) and party leadership began the shaming of army. They openly declared that army men are not trustworthy in places where sex ratio is high. (Obviously the victory was for anti-nationalists). The end result was another spat between BJP and CPM.

The state of Kerala is obsessed with politics. A 5-year old to 95-year old engage in politics in our state. Since then, as part of consolidation of minority votes and also to facilitate the terrorist fund flow, the demonisation of the army continued. When Kashmir was integrated into India, Malayalam media and Left cadres routinely attacked the army. Unlike yesteryears, every single national issue is heavily covered in biased way in Kerala. All of this targets the army one way or the other. To round of all of this, the extreme nationalist propoganda of BJP has been yeilding them some strong electoral performances. The BJP has been projecting the army as electoral weapon (which is narrative set by their IT cell). Despite having a Clown leadership in the state,the nationalist narrative made inroads Kerala. Left cadres are desperate to cling to hold on to their last fortress. All this is contributing to further demonisation of the army in the state.

The author is a proud Keralite and a proud Indian. Indian army is our pride. Yes, sleeper cells are the ones who are setting narrative of Left IT cell. Congress gets tactically silent in many issues(good for them). Ultimately everything lies in the hands of people. Sooner we realise the truths, better it is. Almost all colleges in Kerala are dominated SFI (CPM’s student wing). This includes colleges that teach journalism and mass communication. So it is natural that Malayalam media tends to show reports that demonise the nation’s pride. Truth will be out soon, no matter whoever hides it.

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