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Kerala's communist government

मोहपला हिंदुओ का नरसंहार

सन उन्नीसों बीस में गांधी ने केरल का दौरा कर हिंदुओ से खिलाफत आंदोलन के लिए धन इकट्ठा कराया पर उन बेचारे हिंदू को कहाँ पता था ये धन उन्हें खत्म करने में ही इस्तमाल होगा।

Kerala Police Act 118 A, an abominable technique to keep our mouth shut!

The Kerala police Act 118 A authorizes the police to arrest and remand the people who criticize without any fact checks. The aim of 118 A is to prevent cyber bullying and unhealthy criticism but it can be misused extensively.

An elephant outrage

Now everyone had completely forgotten about the poor elephant and how she died while everyone is focused on which religion the accused turn out to be from. A deliberate attempt was made to whitewash the sins of the accused.

The ‘Kerala-model’ secret and the inevitable fall of Kerala state

Kerala-model is nothing but the blessing of gulf countries. This model is all set to die, as soon as the oil demand-supply curve sees a challenge.

वामपंथ का काला सच जो अब तक हमसे छिपाया गया

पिछले सौ सालों में वामपंथी सोच के कारण मानवता के शरीर पर अनेक घाव लगे हैं. आज के दिन 31 वर्ष पहले थियानमेन चौक पर जो बर्बरता हुई, वो आने वाली पीढ़ियों को वामपंथ के वास्तविक चेहरे का परिचय कराती रहेगी.

When, where and how did the ‘demonisation’ of army began in Kerala

Unlike yesteryears, every single national issue is heavily covered in biased way in Kerala. All of this targets the army one way or the other.

Kerala and BJP – the 2019 story

The results of 2019 election show that BJP is now in a better position to mount a challenge to replace LDF as the 2nd pole in state politics.

Sabarimala issue is not the first of its kind. Palani temple in Tamil Nadu faced a lot more but never gave up

The temple and the devotees withstood the attack for over 45 years and never gave up. More than 3 governments, hundreds of petitions, indirect attacks, and corruption could not shake the determination of the devotees.

Human rights violations at Kerala’s holiest Sabarimala temple

The Kerala government has left no leaf unturned to torment the hapless pilgrims. The Hindus in Kerala are being punished for being a 'Majority Religion' – and this in India, where 79.8% of the country’s population identifies itself as Hindus.

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