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Kerala Police Act 118 A, an abominable technique to keep our mouth shut!

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The Kerala police Act 118 A authorizes the police to arrest and remand the people who criticize without any fact checks. The aim of 118 A is to prevent cyber bullying and unhealthy criticism but it can be misused extensively. Criticism plays a major part in democracy and all the citizens of India have the fundamental right to express their opinions. This underdeveloped reform creates a colossal risk of denial of our fundamental right to freedom of expression. Even the opinion in the editorial page of newspapers might have to be terminated as those are also under the risk of being a crime by the Kerala Police Act 118 A. 

  The Police Act 118A is not yet enacted but once it is enacted, we cannot criticize anything happening around us. It is not just about criticizing, any media which is produced in a satiric manner are vulnerable to this act. The present laws when enforced to it’s best can serve to solve the problem of unhealthy criticism and cyber bullying. A new law is superfluous. If it is necessary, a new section in 119 can be framed in order to prevent the violent arguments against women and children. A person’s dignity always has a value but to save that dignity by thwarting criticism is nonsensical. This law must not be enacted. 

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