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Kerala state

Nairs of Malabar : The Hindu warriors of medieval Kerala

The contribution of Nairs in protecting Hinduism and helping it expand in Kerala, has been huge. The Nair rajas (kings) of Kerala like the Zamorin of Calicut (Samoothiri of Nediyiruppu Swaroopam) built and patronized many temples.

द केरल स्टोरी: मौन से जकड़ी दर्दनाक चीखों की पुकार

फूलों सी कोमल एवं नाजुक हमारी जिन बहिन बेटियों पर हम कभी हाथ भी नही उठा पाते; उन्ही बहिन बेटियों को इन इस्लामिक नरपिशाचों ने किस प्रकार भेड़ियों की तरह नोंच नोंच कर मार डाला वो वास्तविकता इस मूवी में दिखाई गयी है और सबसे बड़ी विडम्बना की बात ये है कि हम सब अभी तक इस वास्तविकता से अनभिज्ञ थे, पूरी तरह अनजान थे।

Kerala Police Act 118 A, an abominable technique to keep our mouth shut!

The Kerala police Act 118 A authorizes the police to arrest and remand the people who criticize without any fact checks. The aim of 118 A is to prevent cyber bullying and unhealthy criticism but it can be misused extensively.

The ‘Kerala-model’ secret and the inevitable fall of Kerala state

Kerala-model is nothing but the blessing of gulf countries. This model is all set to die, as soon as the oil demand-supply curve sees a challenge.

Constitutionally speaking: Why states can’t deny implementation of CAA

The resolution passed by the Kerela Assembly is merely a request to the Union Government to re-consider enforcement of the CAA. It nowhere states it's not going to implement it.

Pinarayi Vijayan is bringing Stalinist thinking to Kerala

Can we expect the Kerala police controlled by the CM, and accused of undue violence towards the public in the past, to be fair with Ayyappa devotees?

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