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The rotten heads of Muslim society

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Lee Kuan Yew, the craftsman of today’s modern Singapore, had only one thought and determination, how to take Singapore to the world’s top. The task was not easy, a country with no natural resources, no place to cultivate, yet the country is one of the top developed countries in the world today. And the main reason is Lee Kuan Yew and his way of working. Those who see fascism in Modi do not know Lee Kuan Yew.

For example, if he thinks that someone is betraying the country or if someone writes something against the country somewhere then that will be his first and last writing. You will not get the opportunity to constantly whine like our left liberals. This gentleman gave a very nice solution to Islamic terrorism. He said that “if Islamic terrorism was to end, the queen bee, not the worker bee, has to be killed first”. In other words, according to him, the preachers of Islam need to be eliminated first, not extremists. Because these are the main heads of this terror. And you can see the same around us. From beloved Osama bin Laden to our great preacher Zakir Naik, everyone is a scholar in Islamic studies and none of them are suicide bombers themselves, but they are the ones who made suicide bombers.

Someone can ask why the general Muslim society would listen to these religious leaders. Why would they give their lives in their words? Look at the Muslim society of our country, it is very easy to understand.

Well, poor Muslims, who work twice a day to fulfill their stomach, have you ever seen the leaders of our so-called secular political parties go to these poor Muslim’s house and break their fast during Ramjaan? I’m sure you haven’t seen any. They can be seen in the vicinity of local Muslim clerics or any prestigious Muslim mob influencer in India. That is exactly why religious leaders like Imam Rehman Barkati of West Bengal or Zafarulah Islam Khan of Delhi have the guts to threaten that an avalanche by the Muslims of the country will come against Hindu bigots. Because they are the ones who run their society. So our leaders also want to keep them in check.

You can notice the difference between Hindu society and Muslim society. Amit Shah does not need to go to the house of any religious leader to attract the Dalit community, he has to go to the house of a very ordinary lower class Dalit. But the so-called secular leaders have to go to the house of a preacher. Because they know that the Dharmguru i.e. the Imam or Maulana runs that society. So he has to be close to that Imam or Maulana not the rest of the society.

Now notice the strange difference here. According to our “intellectuals“, both Dalits and Muslims are exploited. But the life of Dalits is not led by any religious leader. Like any other Hindus, a Dalit may be a devotee of a guru, but he is not building his life style entirely on the basis of this guru’s opinion. He listens as much as it is beneficial to him or as much as it is convenient or possible for him. On the other hand, a poor Muslim is literally following what the imam of his mosque is saying. No matter how difficult it is for him. The poor man is also paying zakat according to the rules, delivering food to the imam of the local mosque on a certain day.

If I give an example of the influence of these religious leaders on the general Muslim society, then the matter will become clearer. Ganikhan Chowdhury, the undisputed leader of the West Bengal Congress (Malda Constituency), the Nawab of Kotwali will be grateful to the local religious leaders who have played an important role in the political rise of him. Although the influence of Wahhabi religious leaders have increased in Malda district now a days, it was once the predominance of the Pirs. There were some small and big pirs like every area in India. Ganikhan was the disciple of one of the pirs who had the highest number of followers. Every year before the polls, these pirs used to tell his fans that Ganikhan or his family should get the vote. Ganikhan’s role as railway minister must have had some role at one time, but the role of these pirs was the key.

After all, they have a large number of fans in Malda and Murshidabad. These Pirs are the main reason behind this Congress leader’s great influence in Malda and West Bengal politics for a long time. That is why despite trying to win Malda in various ways, even Mamata Banerjee has to field a candidate from Ganikhan’s family. She knew she had no other choice. The Wahhabis and the Pirs are trying to influence society in the same way, and no matter how many times our left intellectuals try to portray the Pirs as innocent, good people they are not good people at all. Their difference with the Wahhabis is of nineteen and twenty.

Now tell me, is not this political power coming from their ability to influence the Muslim society by these pirs and Maulanas ? is not their social influence the root of their political influence ? There may be a Owaisi, but the face of Muslim society is a Maulana Saad. People are willing to risk their lives. Because he explained to them that this is the way to be martyred and since a religious leader has said this they have no other truth than this. No matter how much you tell them that the Makkah has been closed due to this epidemic, they will not accept it. Because their maulana does not say that.

Now let’s talk about why the Muslim community in our subcontinent has this blind faith in their religious leaders. The answer lies in the history of Muslim society in the subcontinent. First of all, it is good to say very openly that there is no Muslim of pure Arabic blood in the Indian subcontinent. Everyone has converted from Hinduism or Buddhism to Islam. If someone says he is Mufti or Saeed then you know it is self-imposed. They have no blood ties with Arab.

Hinduism is like a horizon in our life, where we can find suitable and desirable material for us. As a result our life philosophy is also affected. Which makes us believe in pluralism. A believer also shows respect towards an atheist. Because the main driving force here is the philosophy from which this religion is originated. Muslim society, on the other hand, when they uprooted themselves a thousand or five hundred years ago, took refuge in a religion that did not originate in India like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Even the preachers who had brought the religion into Indian soil are not Indians. As a result, they had no idea about the water, air, people and lifestyle of India. As a result, the philosophy they preached had nothing to do with Indian soil.

This lack of communication gradually alienated the entire Muslim community from the larger Indian society. The reason why Muslims live in groups today is because of the isolation of this society. Gradually, as they became isolated from society, they confined themselves to a certain boundary. We may wonder why the majority of people in the Muslim community are with these religious leaders. Why did they leave their lives in the hands of their religious leaders? The answer is the same, because they are completely isolated in the society. As a result, even if there is no economic pressure, it is not possible for them to ignore the social pressure and stigma.

Attack on these rotten heads is what today India’s necessity.

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