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The feeble right ecosystem and the Hindu faith

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Arun Dash
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!

Be it the #Rafale issue or the #ChowkidarChorHai campaign of the Congress cum Left-liberal members in the run-up to the last General Elections, you must have noticed the robust ecosystem they have at disposal. Right from a stronghold on the major media houses and printed publications at home to columnists writing for international news dailies, they got all guns blazing to such an extent that many were in a dilemma if there was really nothing suspicious in the issues concerned. Such was their power that, many believe, in the absence of an evolving social media, things would certainly have been difficult for Modiji and the BJP in holding back to the power.

Contrast that to how it works on the Right side– you will feel nothing but dejected if your righteousness has left you with no option but to follow the Right, come what may. After all, Right is always right! Let’s analyze a recent case that is rocking the literary landscape of my state Odisha. A couple of popular poets– some of them are popular mostly by their social media presence – have started writing poems deriding the character of Goddess Sita, the second most prominent character after Lord Rama in the Hindu religious epic, the #Ramayana.

Subtle derision of a common man’s character to infuse humor in the writing may be a welcome poetic license for the poets. But ill-intended and perverted character assassination of a Goddess (who many Hindus worship daily), that too using filthy vocabulary that can shame any woman, is something that must not be excused as poetic liberty. Thanks to their ecosystem, as if the initial one or two poems were not enough, some more came up as the resistance from the conscious followers of the Hindu faith got stronger in the social media (Facebook). [Know who those poets (?) are and read their work HERE.]

In a rare instance like this, many like-minded people came forward and tried to expose those fame-hungry poets (?) sharing their works and tagging them directly on the different social media platforms. Many of them were aware of such anti-cultural activities of those poets (?) , yet they used to ignore them as that was at their personal level. But this time, when their provocation crossed the line and portrayed Goddess Sita, worshipped for her chastity, in a derogatory manner using vulgar words, the resistance grew intense. Many FIRs were filed against those poets (?) from different parts of the state.

Now that the FIRs are lodged, the State BJP political leadership must have pitched in to ensure that the issue is taken care and the poets were taught the limits of their poetic liberty. I named BJP only because so far, they have earned a name for being in the forefront of the Hindu cause, with a few exceptions though. Unfortunately, despite multiple tagging and messaging by the conscious Hindus to help them avenge the insult of Goddess Sita, neither the State BJP leadership nor the flamboyant BJP spokespersons from Odisha came to the fore! Wasn’t this disappointing to say the least? If not anything else, efforts must be made to warn those poets legally and if required made to spend a couple of days behind the bars, thus sending a strong message to the would-be perpetrators of such crimes.

A few years back, Abhijit Iyer Mitra was put behind bars for a few days because of his demeaning words about Odisha! Using the same logic, why can’t the offenders of the Hindu Goddess be taught a lesson for insulting the faiths of millions? It is a rather wider issue as it affects the religious faith of all Hindus irrespective of whether they are from Odisha or anywhere else! Do remember the prolonged humiliation faced by #ArnabGoswami on the pretext of a police interrogation in Maharashtra, a few weeks back. The pseudo-secular forces supported by the Congress and Left ecosystem are after him even now for raising his legitimate voice against the #Palghar lynching of the saints! To the dismay of many sincere Hindus, even Modiji didn’t come forward and tweet a few words on #Palghar to show a sense of solidarity.

Such a feeble ecosystem of the Right would only disappoint and discourage the voluntary people who have chosen to tread the right path with no selfish gain out of any situation, except safeguarding the Sanatani faith that feeds the soul of Bharat since long! May the central BJP leadership pay heed to these trivial (?), yet important issues and take such actions as would discourage the left-liberals to identify and memorize the #LakshmanRekha for times to come!  

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Arun Dash
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!

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