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भारत को आजाद कराने में कवि, लेखक और साहित्य आदि का योगदान

साहित्य समाज का दर्पण होता है। जैसा समाज होता है, वैसा ही साहित्य दिखाई देता है।

Literature and gender inequality

One of the major concerns of literature across the world has been to highlight the plight of oppressed women and individuals, their physical and psychological exploitation and subjugation by and within family.

Recognizing foreign expressions

We have achieved the political freedom, but that of mind is far from today. We are still living in the same colonial era, where we are the new brown sahibs.

समीक्षा: प्रेमचंद की छिपी हुई कहानी ‘जिहाद’ की

आत्मगौरव, निजधर्म के सम्मान में वह मुसलमान हो जाने के स्थान पर मृत्यु को वरीयता देता है और जिहादियों के हाथों मारा जाता है। यही प्रेम त्रिकोण का टर्निंग पॉइंट बनता है।

The feeble right ecosystem and the Hindu faith

A feeble ecosystem of the Right would only disappoint and discourage the voluntary people who have chosen to tread the right path with no selfish gain out of any situation, except safeguarding the Sanatani faith that feeds the soul of Bharat since long!

A Discussion on Hindi Sahitya by Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi

The Gaddya and Paddya of Hindi is divided in six ‘Yugas’ or Eras.

The need of a good literature

The best thing we can give to our upcoming generations is a good literary work that will help them to grow and know how to live in this world.

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen

The amount of attention women writers pay to the words they pen is evident in the exquisite arrangement of the language, and how the works of most women writer caresses the soul.

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