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The need of a good literature

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Engineer in making|Indian| Amateur writer. I write my heart out. धर्मों रक्षति रक्षित:  

My friend told me about the book “PARAT” by Sarvesh Tiwari Shreemukh Ji. I watched Sarvesh Ji’s interview on OPindia. I must say two really inspiring authors, Sarvesh Tiwari Shreemukh and Ajeet Bharti, are talking about the need for good literature and the responsibility of the authors today. I think this was my first time when I was not listening to some fancy, stylish and English author. These two-man were discussing things so smoothly without using jargons. Yes, let me be very honest, they were talking as if they are people’s writers, who write about us and they are no different from common people of our nation. The best thing about this interview was they threw light on something that is really missing today, that is feeling and emotions and how good literature can help us to become human beings.

It made me think about the time where we are living in. We have access to almost everything, be it a book or a movie or anything that influences the human mind but what we lack is that inspiration or that driving force to make us read good books that give direction to our mind and touches our heart. The best thing we can give to our upcoming generations is a good literary work that will help them to grow and know how to live in this world. I agree with Sarvesh Ji when he said that Science has made humans a machine. None of us can deny this fact that in this age of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger…, where we are connected to each other all the time, we actually lack those true feelings that make you a social animal. The irony of social media age is that it has made us socially connected but doesn’t tell us how to be social.

I still remember those small stories which were there in my Hindi textbook-like, Ghisa of Mahadevi Verma, Ek Tokri Bhar Mitti of Madhav Rao Sapre.  You can’t read these stories without actually feeling what the author wants to convey or without putting yourself in the author’s shoes. We have a treasure of inspirational works in Hindi Literature which are based on the life of a common people, society and almost everything that is happening around you, catching your eyes and accepting your ignoring attitude towards the events. The best way to avoid the problems and drawbacks is by considering them non-existant. However , there are very few people who are courageous enough to throw light on such things and draw the attention of thier readers towards it.

We need more people like Sarvesh Tiwari Shreemukh and Ajeet Bharti who understand the need for a good literary work for the development of young minds so that youth become more sensitive towards others.

Literature Is One Of The Most Interesting And Significant Expressions Of Humanity.”- P. T. Barnum.

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Engineer in making|Indian| Amateur writer. I write my heart out. धर्मों रक्षति रक्षित:  
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