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Boredom is better than martyrdom

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Ever since lockdown 1.0 came into effect, a large chunk of Indian population has slipped into a state where time is the biggest demon to fight against; the pandemic has taken a back-seat and killing time has emerged as the toughest task on earth. As the pandemic continues to unfold across the globe in different hues, people have realized that violating the norms of lockdown is not only an offence in the eyes of law, but also an open invitation to a host of life-threatening consequences. Therefore, they have chosen to go crazy with boredom even if it means vacillating between hope and despair.

But, hey! Who are these covidiots jumping the queue, on all fours, as if to catch hold of their most prized possession? Well, these valiant souls are tipplers, who, sometime ago, were driving the affairs of shadow economy. Lifting of restrictions in lockdown 3.0 was just what they needed to keep their biological clocks functional.

Needless to say, such people are turning deaf ears to the appeal of maintaining physical distance in public places. But, what intrigues me the most, is the source, these restless people are deriving inspiration from. Are they on a mission to get their names inscribed in golden letters for generations to remember by succumbing to the vagaries of the viral infection? It needs no clairvoyance to say that six people standing in a two kilometre long queue (as against recommended distance of 6 feet between two individuals) will not only invite infection from COVID-19, but can also lead to other tragedies.

Certainly, honor of martyrdom will not be conferred upon such people if they happen to become victim of any such tragedy!

Hence, it is time to revisit and revise all strategies that have been implemented to flatten the curve. Else, in one fell swoop, everything would turn topsy-turvy.

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