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Our education system is failing us

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Why kids go to school and college? To get success in life, and what is success? It is all about finding the talent that is hidden inside you and to nourish it.

However, schools and colleges fail to recognize the hidden talent of the student. From the beginning, the kids are put in a frame, where they follow orders and do what they are told to do. In the name of discipline and obedience, a lot of limitations are imposed on the developing brain.

In a classroom, there are many students, and they all have different learning abilities, different thinking capabilities, different skills, and have unique talents. But, yet they all are going through the same syllabus at the same interval of time. In the last, they all are evaluated by the grading system.

Lots of regular test series force teachers to complete the syllabus on time. In this manner here teachers cannot be inventive and cannot focus on an individual who needs special attention. These regular test series keep students from learning concepts, and they end up memorizing them. They seem to forget those things soon after the exam. Students do not get enough time to analyze, to decipher what interest them.

Nobody wants to know the ingenuity of the child. The aptitude that is obnubilated inside wants to bloom out, but dolefully the school environment is so obsessed with the grading system that these aptitudes die inside them in the race of grade. Our school was supposed to nurture these seedlings, but it failed to do so.

Why innovative and creative people always hated schools and colleges? Because these institutions put a lot of limitations on those extraordinary minds. They wanted to explore, they wanted to learn things instead of memorizing them, and they wanted to dream within their vision to turn their virtual world into reality.

This education system is being privatized. It is completely falling into the hand of corporates, and their sole motto is to make maximum profits from it. That means they are simply doing business with your hopeful future.

Nowadays, the spike increment in higher education fees is a massive concern. Especially in India proper education system from schools has been taken out and is being provided by the Corporate Coaching Institutes. Parents are selling their properties and students are being in huge debt. These innocent people are being robbed by this corporate education system.

In this educational environment, many students with exceptional abilities, bright minds are being labeled as a failure. This system of education is killing innovation.  In the name of modernization, ethics and values are declining from our syllabus. It is undermining the plurality of cultures and the diversity of unique identity as an individual human being.

Millions of students are passing out of college around the world, but only a few of them being hired by MNCs and TNCs because a handful of them have skills and could meet the companies’ requirements. Unemployment is increasing day by day around the world as the number of degree holders is increasing. Since this education system is producing quantity but not the quality.

This modern corporate education system is solely focused on producing working-class people, but not the leaders. Because it is precisely designed by the elite, and they don’t want to produce someone who later competes them, but the working-class people who can work under them.

It is harder to trick and rule a multidirectional educated population. That is why this system of education wants to keep our perspective narrow, our comprehension restricted and scared us for our future. Education meant to give society free, creative, unbiased people fully prepared to cope with their lives problem as an accountable citizen to its community, but it is miles growing human machine to feed into the industrial production system.

The fundamental part of education is to explore, learn, and create. But sadly, in our education system, these terms don’t have much meaning now.  Words like ‘why’ and ‘how’ are no longer part of the students. Now we have lost the most critical practice for creative thinkers.

Everybody learns from mistakes. Failure brings perfection and more proximate to your inner self. But in this education system mistakes and failures are proscribed.

I must say this modern corporate education system has made the people literate but not educated. Of course, education is the most empowering force in the world, but the right education.

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