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Educational Institutions

Patriotism and truth

The way showed by Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji and Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji will definitely generate leaders like them in future.

Education is precious for Rural development

Rural development requires education that is regulated locally, functionally specialized, practical, applied, and problem-posing.

Ujjain’s Vikram Varsity will now offer a course on Ramcharitmanas

It’s vital to remember here that Bhoj varsity (Bhopal) had already launched a course for ‘scientific study’ of Ramcharitmanas on the request of Ramcharitmanas Trust of Ayodhya, along with other universities in states like Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh in June 2019.

Do schools inject Corona virus?

When beetle shops, markets, malls, factories to political rallies are open and active, why is the government procrastinating on opening educational institutions?

नई शिक्षा नीति 2020: एक सकारात्मक पहल

इस शिक्षा नीति में अनेको ऐसे सकारात्मक सुझाव है जो भारत को शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में नए मानक स्थापित करने में मदद करेगा। यह शिक्षा नीती स्कूली शिक्षा से लेकर उच्च शिक्षा तक के सभी पहलुओं पर दृष्टि डालती है।

Inside story of IISc: Penetration of anti-national ideology

IISc is becoming the Madarsa of communists or so-called liberals whose foremost priority is to demean Indian culture; the second priority is to do the research which is also not up to the mark.

The plight of education system in India

For years, our education system has emphasized on producing “wrote learners.” Our policy still sticks to the “one size fits all” approach, which has failed to cater to the individual needs of intellect and creativity that humans are born with.

पढ़े लिखे नौजवानों को दिहाड़ी मजदूर बनाने का जिम्मेदार कौन?

सिर्फ डिग्री लेने से ही योग्यता नहीं आती. ये कड़वी सच्चाई है कि भारत में ज़्यादातर पढ़े-लिखे युवा नौकरी करने के काबिल ही नहीं हैं. वो किसी प्रकार की परीक्षा में अपनी काबिलियत साबित नहीं कर पाते हैं.

Education and its issues in India

Indian traditional study has a greater dependence on assimilation of all the factors and hence education is holistic instead of giving preference on specialization.

Our education system is failing us

Why innovative and creative people always hated schools and colleges? Because these institutions put a lot of limitations on those extraordinary minds.

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