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Inside story of IISc: Penetration of anti-national ideology

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Life is usually cool at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. You have the freedom to work anytime in the day or night, gossiping with friends while having tea in the cafeteria, playing sports and much more than that. There is no doubt that IISc has been a place of India’s best brains. However, that does not mean all the people here are sane. Specifically, our department (Department of Physics) is becoming the Madarsa of communists or so-called liberals whose foremost priority is to demean Indian culture; the second priority is to do the research which is also not up to the mark. I will sometime write a different article on how most Indian researchers in the institutes like IISc, IISERs and IITs are fooling the govt to get the funding and wasting the taxpayers’ money.

Coming back to the main topic, at IISc, many professors and the students influenced by them are fanatic communists, few others are not politically aware enough to understand the Lal-salaam propaganda and become blind supporters of them. The fanatics of IISc are not very different from the religious fanatics as, although they do not physically attack others, their mental attack is much cruel. They leave no stone unturned to mock Indian culture. I remember an incident when a meeting regarding Open Day was held in our department and a professor makes a Gaumutra jibe. I want to ask them a simple question; can they crack “72 hoors” jokes or camel urine jokes or Lal-salaam jokes? It is very common nowadays in our department that, while having tea in the cafeteria with a group of colleagues, someone will tell an unfunny Gaumutra joke or Ganesha joke and others will enjoy it like a mentally sick person. I many times felt like committing suicide because of this mental harassment done by these so-called intellectuals.

They never protest against religion-based reservations in many states and universities in India but they were so excited to protest against CAA and non-existing NRC. However, their slogans like “Manuvad Se Azadi” made many students think because not even 20% of Indians know about Manu and Manusmriti. Again it is their hypocrisy that they never say “Islam Se Azadi”. However, you can find many derogatory verses against non-Muslims and women in Quran. They will make fun of Pushpak Viman but they will not utter a single word against the flat earth theory in Christianity. In fact, these very liberals make fun of Indians when they go to other counties. They even welcome the scientists like Uriel Frisch who is a misogynist and openly passes outrageous comments against India.

Zakir Naik is no threat to them but they have a problem with Sri Sri Ravishankar, despite that Sri Sri is a secular dharma guru (please see the video) and Zakir naik provokes Muslims against Hindus (please see the video). They were beating chest when anti-Dalit article 370 was abolished but never bothered about the real minority of Kashmir. Basically, they are not concern about the dogmas or superstition in our society, their main problem is with the Indian culture. I was more angered (definitely not surprised) when no one opposed the decision of IISc offering the Satish Dhawan scientist chair to Ramchandra Guha who has got to do nothing with science or technology. Guha is a so-called liberal who wrote a book on Mahatma Gandhi but at the same time, he flaunts eating cow. Director of IISc, as well as the HRD ministry, should clarify how a historian can become a scientist in an eminent institute.

They have started another business: if any political issue happens, they will write an open letter to the govt which looks like “We are a group of scientists…. We immediately demand … blah blah..”. I mean so what if you are scientists? Do you want special rights just because you are a scientist? Do you think that govt should listen to your Shit just because you are a scientist? I am so happy that govt does not give a damn to these hollow people who did not write even a one-line letter against the Dalit atrocity happening in Mewat district of Haryana. I would encourage the readers to read the report titled These nine incidents since 2017 of rapes, abductions and forced conversions of Hindus characterises Haryana’s Mewat as “Mini-Pakistan” to know why they are not at all interested in the Mewat case.

Now they have started boycotting independence day celebrations. No, I am not exaggerating. Last year, not a single professor of ICTS attended a flag hoisting ceremony on Aug 15. This is how they are respecting the supreme sacrifice of Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and many other freedom fighters.

I have many friends in IISc who do not like all this rubbish but they have to keep quiet as they are super-minority here. Also, if they will speak out, they might have to face the problem while applying for jobs. One should remember that career of a researcher is totally in his supervisor’s hand.

I feel that situation is the same in IITs as well as in other eminent science institutes in India. And the summary of this write-up is, like humanities departments, science departments also have been hijacked by these so-called liberals whose solo propaganda to destroy the Indian culture. I hope the scientific community in India accept their hypocrisy rather than painting people like me as a Sanghi or Bhakt.

PS: I have changed the name of my institute for the privacy purpose.

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I wouldn't like to show my identity until I get a job.
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