Thursday, July 18, 2024


communist ideology taught in educational institutions

Islamism in Congress politics of India

Nehru appointed Maulana Azad was grossly unaware of Indic values, culture and civilization. Congress, thus, started Islamizing Indian education from the birth of independent India.

Need of resurgence of education from Macaulay’s Anglicism to Modi’s Hinduism

For the British rule in India to be permanent, it was necessary that the people of the country should forget the language of their country, their ancient glorious history, their traditions hence Macaulay started with the formula of lowering the self-esteem and sense of pride concomitant with the deterioration of the sense of nationalism in the countrymen.

Inside story of IISc: Penetration of anti-national ideology

IISc is becoming the Madarsa of communists or so-called liberals whose foremost priority is to demean Indian culture; the second priority is to do the research which is also not up to the mark.

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