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Meltdown of a secular journalist

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As I sit here listening to Saba Naqvi’s video post I was gobsmacked at the stupidity of her video post. I was astounded by the immature nature of her rant and the comparison’s drawn, it surely must have sent a collective cringe across the faces of Azim Premji, Yusuf Khwaja Hamied and Dr. Habil Khorakiwala founder of Wipro, CIPLA and Wockhardt respectively, if they had cared to tune in at all. Saba is a journalist, a prime time TV warrior and social media activist, appearing on popular news channels fencing with her wits against some real champions of research and studied articulation. If this is the level of her discourse, then I would advise her not to check her emails for TV debate invites any time soon. Her narrative is so flawed at various levels and here is why.

Azim Premji, Yuzuf Khwaja Hamied and Habil Khorakiwala are great captains of industry and have made immense contribution to the Indian society and the economy at large, first and foremost by giving employment to hundreds and thousands of people within and without India. They and many like them have led the Indian IT and Pharma industry leadership across the world but at no point in time in their great labour would they have thought I am a Muslim and I am doing a great favour to this nation of unbelievers. At no point in time during the course of the Corona Virus they would have thought I am a Muslim and I am working to invent a cure for these nonbelievers. At no point in his life Ratan Tata would have thought, I am a Persian micro minority employing millions of Indians. At no point in his life would Dhirubhai Ambani then or Mukesh Ambani now would think I am a Hindu and I am doing a favour to millions of minorities. There are hundreds of thousands of such Hindu businessmen small, medium and large who employ million without a care for their religious affiliations and don’t insidiously think like Saba Naqvi. Guess what? What if these businessmen develop the same shallow brain intellect of Saba Navi and start asking the same questions as she did in her video?!

Does Azim Premji, Yuzuf Khwaja Hamied and Habil Khorakiwala the only employees of their respective companies? Aren’t there thousands of employees at Wipro, CIPLA and Wockhardt who are Hindus and have made the company successful through their hard work, intellect and sacrifice? Most likely the scientist working right now on the Corona virus cure are Hindus, most likely the data scientist at Wipro working on collecting and analyzing data on the virus are Hindus. How will the start thinking if they happen to stumble upon Saba Naqvis video?

Finally, as a counter point one could ask Saba Naqvi, does Wipro, CIPLA and Wockhardt identify themselves as Muslim or Islamic companies? If they are successful in creating the antidote to the Corona virus will they call it a Muslim medicine? Or will Saba Naqvi release another video reminding us that it’s a Muslim medicine?!

Why is Saba Naqvi playing the Muslim victim card in this video, isn’t this the final throw of dice of the loser?! A desperate lunge, a deep frustration at her coreligionist playing truant, holding the nation at ransom, shaming her Islamic identity…unable to have an impact on her own she lashes out at others….’see our people are doing so much, we have built the Taj Mahal, our people are actors and lyricist, should we go away…!!’  

This is the position of an apologist, someone who condones violence. This is the position of a hypocrite with jaundice. After this rant filled video Saba Naqvi should stop laying claim to being a secular, balanced journalist, her bias is known and she should own it. We will respect her at least for her honesty.

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