Saturday, April 20, 2024


Media silent sympathy with Tablighis

Yes, I am Islamophobic!

Someday, I hope that a majority of my country see things the same way and has the courage to call a spade, a spade and do away with these shackles that the liberal elite have so cleverly blinded us with and call out any heinous crime in the name of religion.

Meltdown of a secular journalist

Sr. journalist, Saba Naqvi's stand is of an apologist, someone who condones violence, a position of a hypocrite with jaundice.

Will the real TJ please stand up

It is not wrong to say that the real Tablighis here are not only the ones who decided to throw law and instructions out of the mosque but their Islamists in arms- the fiberals and closet Islamists should stand up and own the disaster that is the coronavirus spread everywhere.

An open letter to Arfa Khanum

Dear Arfa, lets expose those who want to expose the selfless individuals Jamaatis

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