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Will the real TJ please stand up

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A pandemic is once in a century black swan event and the noval Coronavirus is unprecedented even by those standards. When was the last time you heard about an event forcing large number of population across nations to be swept off the streets, bring large economies to their knees and world leaders collaborating to face this global crisis? The answer is- never!

Even in India, amidst all the hullabaloo generated, where TV screens are dominated by the virus bulletins, government’s response to it and the challenges faced by businesses, one factor dominating the public discussion is Tabliqi Jamaat congregation in Delhi.

It is not out of ordinary for people, whose lives are so profoundly affected by the virus, to discuss the factors impeding its containment. This is not out of some preconceived “islamophobia” in their minds but in a strive to get back to their normal lives asap. What they don’t want expect is to be labelled as xenophobe or hindutva-vaadi for something so innocuous, least of all getting shot in the head by TJ’s sympathizers, as Lotan Nishad did.

So when 1.4 billion humanity faces an extended lockdown, thereby jeopardizing their livelihood- who gets the blame from fiberal jamaatis and closet jihadists? Its the media and the common man! For showing them the mirror and rightly calling the spade on Jamaatis for spreading coronavirus leading to endangered lives and downward spiral of the whole economy.

It is therefore not wrong to say that the real Tablighis here are not only the ones who decided to throw law and instructions out of the mosque but their Islamists in arms- the fiberals and closet Islamists should stand up and own the disaster that is the coronavirus spread everywhere.

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