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How “Education” ruined Bharat

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Born as an Indian, turned into Bhartiya (If you know what it means.) Against Political correctness and Politics. I support Uniform Civil Code and Gender neutral laws. I don't understand the purpose of feminism and ultra-left ideology that is being pushed on everyone. Freedom of speech is a right and should be used in right way. My articles etc are "My" opinions.

The title might seem like a paradox, you may ask “How can Education ruined anyone?” I have tried to answer that question in the following rant.

The following write up will offend you and will most certainly challenge you and your understanding of the “Education”. Proceed at your own Peril. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The destruction of Bharat and it’s ldeals started a long time ago, even before our great grandfathers were born, the last and most successful attempt by a foreign power was by British when they utterly destroyed the Bhartiya social system and proceeded with systemic corruption and criminalisation of Bhartiya values and Bhartiya Aatma. British understood that till the time “Indians” believed and stood firm on the Bhartiya values, they can never ever be subjugated. What they did is in the history books. The system British created gave birth to a mindset in the coming generations that Bhartiya culture is corrupt, is backward, full of prejudices and inherently racist.

The system that British created to enslave Bharat and it’s population was our current “Education system” which turned Bharat and Bhartiya into “India and Indians”.

The term “Indian” is nothing to be proud of it as it is an twisted form of the term which British used for indigenous tribes of American continents.

The British knew that till the time the majority of “Indians” took pride in their Bhartiya culture and values they will overcome every hurdle that Brits threw at them. The cunning and ruthless hammer of British empire first took out the “Gurukul” system of Bhartiya education. At this point I want to emphasize that “Gurukul” is not what you see on Telly it is not. The Gurukuls were not only imparting knowledge of books but also ethics and integrity of information and culture. It took students from all walks of life irrespective of their economic background or social status.

The Bhartiya Gurukul system was so successful that even after centuries of Islamic rule it was still able to impart the crux of Bhartiya values to its students. You must also know that the finer and probably the advanced knowledge was lost during multiple raids by Islamic invaders, which they accomplished by burning libraries and center of educations, still whatever was left was carried forward and passed down to generations.

The core of this system was fuelled by Sanatan Sanskriti, which is now called as “Hinduttva”, again a misnomer. This Sanskriti is not ruled by religion but a fine balance of Karma+Dharma. Please note that Dharma cannot be defined within the boundaries of religion. It always carried the burden of doing good for everyone and anyone, including those who will harm most certainly harm you, after all we are a culture were we take in everyone from across the globe irrespective of their beliefs. For thousands of years Bharat welcomed those who were seeking refuge from persecution, those who were driven out of their homelands, those who lost everything, they came to Bharatvarsh and Bharat extended its hospitality and opened its doors for those who needed shelter and safety.

The times changed and as we come closer to modern history we see a tectonic shift in the core of civilization, which was a direct result of systemic destruction of our Bhartiya Sanskriti. In present times as per various sources “Hindus” make up 70% – 75% of population, and this population is still subjugated to the same system that was put forward by Parasitic Western Imperialism. The independence of country could have been a turning point in our history BUT we rested our fate in the hands of those who abhorred Bharat and Sanatan Sanskriti, their prejudice against their own roots let to a “Constitution” which is tool for oppression and not for the uplifting a Nation. They decided that they will not take out the lies and deceit that were strategically placed in our history books instead they further strengthened it by ensuring that anyone who raised questions is called out and thrown into a abyss of obscurity.

The political ambitions of our “freedom fighters” was the driving force and they imagined India and never ever gave a fleeting thought to Bharat. They wanted to make India a replica of Western values, and they succeed in their efforts. Multiple “academics” further enforced the idea that anyone who talks about Sanatan is a Hindu Fanatic. Further damage was done by the Education board of India at all levels, be it central or state. History was intentionally made boring and it was told time and again that it’s boring subject, read it like a story learn the dates and it was made so tedious that I’d you take up history books you will feel that Bharat never existed, there was no society, no education and Bhartiya were either Thugs or Snake charmers or Yogis, nothing else. Even to this date history as a subject is looked down.

It’s a fact that people who take up history after 10th standard are considered as weak students who can’t excel in Maths and Science. So where does it leads us, should we stop imparting modern knowledge to our future generations, absolutely not, we need to include every aspect of modern science and technology.

The need of the hour is to completely redesign our history books from the scratch, academics who have researched extensively the history of Bharat have to come out of hiding and rally against the White Wash done by British and enforced by Modern Indian Slaves. Children will have to be made familiar with Bharatiya Itihaas and not the History that is being peddled by Western Imperialist. We as a nation need to accept the fact that for over a thousand years Bharat was berated, betrayed, beaten by both Foreigners and its own people. A nationwide debate must start for adding the information that was always kept hidden by “Academics” who designed our curriculums and chapters in History.

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Born as an Indian, turned into Bhartiya (If you know what it means.) Against Political correctness and Politics. I support Uniform Civil Code and Gender neutral laws. I don't understand the purpose of feminism and ultra-left ideology that is being pushed on everyone. Freedom of speech is a right and should be used in right way. My articles etc are "My" opinions.

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