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Islamic fanaticism – Beyond the ignorance of COVID 19 & a desperate need for rejecting the ideology by Muslims

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Vishal Trivedi
Data Scientist - Digital Marketing, Strategy & Analytics professional having worked in USA, UK, Singapore and India. Passionate thought Leader in providing civic solutions by thinking out of the box and influencing decisions being made in the social & political space. Has passion towards social work, politics, public welfare & policy making.

The obsessive enthusiasm for the sacred religion of Islam has led few ‘guardians’ of the Islamic faith now oppose the pandemic threat of COVID-19 and the denial of maintaining the social distancing.

These fanatics often through the theological and social control of the community are trying to hard oppose the social distancing and medical help being provided to them.

The doctors across many parts of India are scared and agitated against such criminal souls. One doctor said- “I’m sitting outside a COVID-19 unit for dinner. Judge sahab bol denge if doctors are scared, then just sit at home. And then people wonder why most of us immigrate out”.

The so called Maulanas who consider themselves of custodians of Islam, generally portray themselves as educators helping people maintain correct beliefs by pointing out errors in knowledge and judgment of non Muslims. Making the innocent followers believe that punishment and death came only to those who refused to admit their errors. Beyond the Qayamat day – there is a possibility of suffering & death due to COVID-19, the fanatics must admit.

The extreme doctrines of radical Islam has increasingly become an internationally recognized term now. The Quran preaches for struggle against oppression & not spitting, throwing stones & hurting doctors, security personnels and administration. This is surely a hatred against the thoughtful request made by PM Modi for Social Distancing.

The fanatics’ struggle has gone beyond the military – its now making its inroad in disturbing the social fabric & opposing the governance.


Two teams comprising doctors of which one was a Muslim doctor and Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) workers were visiting the Tatpatti Bakhal neighborhood in Indore, when local muslims started pelting them with stones.

One of the two doctors said, “I am really scared, not even in the condition to speak. We went there for screening as directed by the Health Department. We have been going there for three days as we got contact history of a positive case there.” The locals said – ‘Inhe andar mat aane do, baahar maar do, jaanch nahi karne denge..’

Tatpatti Bakhal neighbourhood is a sensitive spot with at least two positive cases reported from the area after which nearly 54 families were put under quarantine, much to the anger and chagrin of residents.


There has been a complaint by Chief Medical Officer, Ghaziabad about the pervert behavior of Fanatics from #TabligiJamaat being kept at Isolation Ward of Ghaziabad District Hospital. The people from Jamaat are roaming without trousers, listening to pervert songs, asking for Beedi Cigarettes and making obscene remarks on female nurses. Other such incidents happened in Bangalore, Munger (Bihar), Hyderabad.

It is an alarming situation wherein health workers who are fighting the corona battle are being put to such a situation. These people must be identified as criminals of top order, even attacking the medics who are like angels savings lives in this grim situation.

The prejudice of radical islam demands fierce opposition of non believers. This is just a plain stupidity in the name of Allah! Their language itself shows how poisonous the non believers are in their hearts.

Amidst this global pandemic crisis, some people are trying to veil the Tablighi Jamaat’s irresponsibility by bringing up a 13th March report by PTI about government officials having still not declared corona virus a public health emergency and hence the Sunni Muslim group didn’t violate any norms.

Fact Check: The government of Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal had on on 13/03/2020 prohibited any gathering of more than 200 people under the Epidemic Diseases Act. Also the order prohibited religious gatherings of over 50 people from 16 March.

To add, the government also directed people coming from any COVID-19 affected country to self-isolate. The members of the Tablighi Jamaat at Nizamuddin willfully violated both these directions by Delhi government.

The idiotic comparison between Markaz & exodus of migrant worker is not foolish but an attempt to create a confusion & further divide. The workers chose to travel because they felt there was no option, no food & shelter. There was indeed a lack of communication between the workers & the Delhi government.

The Tablighi Jamaat has been the ‘Super Spreader’ of Corona virus in India with more than 400 infected people belonging to it.

No one knows the whereabouts of those thousands of people who attended trhe Tablighi Jamaat and who they have contacted in the last fortnight. Maulana Saad, the chief of Tablighi Markaz who appealed all his followers to rather die in mosques is himself on a hideout. What an Irony! Unfortunately, all of this was done in the name of Islam.

For the past 70 years, the appeasement politics has had been deep rooted that a section of minorities consider themselves above Constitution of India. They have a belief of protection which is ensured by dangerous barter system of vote bank politics all this while.

With the command center shifting from educated liberals to religious heads, the scientific fervor of inclusive community has loosen. This somewhat poses a hindrance to collateral development and threat to coexistence with community in harmony.

It’s time for right thinking Muslims of the country to speak up against this gross violation of human safety. The uneducated people are not just Muslims but more or less in every religion and it’s time for sane minds to not allow the radical minds to grab this opportunity.

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Vishal Trivedi
Data Scientist - Digital Marketing, Strategy & Analytics professional having worked in USA, UK, Singapore and India. Passionate thought Leader in providing civic solutions by thinking out of the box and influencing decisions being made in the social & political space. Has passion towards social work, politics, public welfare & policy making.

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