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Comparing Chopper deals between eras of ‘bribe factory’ to ‘the Chowkidar PM’

With India shedding away its Italian connections, Bofors to AgustaWestland are chapters of history, today the nation spends her tax-payers money in giving her armed forces the equipment they desperately need for a looming threat of two front war.

GST reforms: Recent issues and reforms required

GST was a huge bargain when States gave up their rights to collect sales tax while the Centre gave up excise and service tax. Australia also shares the GST anniversary with us where the rates have been constant at 10%. Thus, a single rate in India can be a huge reform, and a matter of discussion too! But there is an urgent need for structural reforms in GST, in order to be a leading economy.

Islamic fanaticism – Beyond the ignorance of COVID 19 & a desperate need for rejecting the ideology by Muslims

Islamic fanatics often through the theological and social control of the community are trying to hard oppose the social distancing & medical help being provided to them.

GST the power medicine of Indian economy : happy birthday GST

Total tax collection of 10,07,395 crores has been collected from July 2017 to May 2018

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