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As of this minute Republic TV’s editor in chief Arnab Goswami is being grilled by Maharashtra Police for over 10 hours for the frustration he vented out against Sonia Gandhi (formerly known as Antonio Maino) for her apathy towards the brutal lynching of Hindu Sadhus, under the eyes of Maharashtra Police who were supposed to save them rather than handing them over to the killing mob. Maharashtra police’s involvement in this murder case is so apparent that one wonders if their motto is ‘सद्रक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय’ or ‘खलक्षणाय सद्रनिग्रहणाय’.

But MH Police is not the root cause. It is just a part of the system which has been eroded by corrupt (morally and money-wise) politicians and their administrators over the years.  Otherwise, why would a government in MH, which is not even 6 months old would harass a journalist for asking straight questions? Otherwise why would 200+ FIRs would be filed against the same journalist, by the same party leaders and its members? Otherwise why would its goons attack the same journalist and his wife in middle of the night? It’s all happening because they know that even their local leaders are good enough to take on the central BJP government and its machinery. They know that they will get away with any crime, be it murder, corruption, rioting or anything. In a sense they are fearless. No fear of law, no fear of people and certainly no fear for Dharma (those who are raising eyebrows here, don’t understand the difference between Dharma and religion).

People have put faith in BJP to change this course. It was elected in many states and of course at the center. But I can’t think of any concrete action taken by it to instill the respect for law in opposition leaders and administrators. Unfortunately, BJP has too many self-righteous persons who think about their own Dharma (i.e. not getting involved in unnecessary controversy) ahead of their responsibility for people they serve. We talk of decades of corruption and misuse of power by Congress, have you seen any of its leaders going to jail (not interim custody/jail)? They have not been sentenced even in BJP governed states. BJP has not been able to set an example by bringing corrupt politicians and administrators to their knees. BJP’s anchors speak loudly and smartly on television debates. But one wonders, if BJP’s smartness is limited to only debating on television rather than taking firm action against its opposition wherever its needed.

If Arnab can be grilled for over 7 hours, why would Siddharth Varadrajan not be asked questions by Police under Yogi government? Varadrajan is a US citizen. Can any foreign citizen be allowed to spread fake stories (link) against the governments on its soil? Had it been any other country, the government would have asked him to pack his bags. But again, BJP is a party of self-righteous people. Hence, Indian people suffer.

Another related case is of twitter, which bans, shadow bans, suspends, warns and deactivates people who don’t align with its left/minority-leaning ideology. Time and again BJP sympathizers have been blocked by Twitter company in an outright act of going against one’s freedom of expression on public platform. Twitter not just laughs on the face of BJP government, but if needed, it seems ready to throw every article in constitution and every judgement by the honorable Supreme Court which is related individual’s freedom of speech to the dustbin, in order to adhere to its left/minority leaning policies. One wonders, whether they have learnt this art from India’s corrupt politicians and administrators. Has BJP summoned Twitter even once?

Does I&B ministry function at all? Is it not responsible to taking actions against fake news peddlers and companies like Twitter? The less said about I&B minister the better because there is absolutely nothing to talk about his work in this ministry. BJP would serve people well if it learns from Congress the art of using power. Merely having power at your disposal is not enough, one has to learn to use it appropriately for the betterment of people and state otherwise that power is useless. Overall, in terms of taking action again corrupt people, BJP’s first term at center as well as in the state of Maharashtra was lackluster. They have been given second chance at center. If they don’t take any action, then people will be left at their own mercy.

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