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High Speed Internet “need of an hour” in Jammu and Kashmir

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Syed Junaid
Learner, Writer, Technophile

Its not new thing in Jammu and Kashmir to survive without internet. Most of the time of year internet services remain barred in the region. But since 5 August 2019 after the abrogation of Article 370 this trend changed. Jammu and Kashmir was without internet for more than 5 months and barred internet was restored in January this year.

Internet users were allowed to access to limited websites/apps with low speed 2G internet. Then later on the restrictions on internet were eased. The accessible websites were increased in number and internet speed was increased in Kbs. Authorities then decided to review the restriction but the results were same, each week the review meetings are held but nothing changes except dates of extension of low speed 2G internet.

High speed internet is a need of hour right now, since the spread of deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) which already claimed 24,000+ lives all over globe, almost whole Union Territory is requesting for the restoration of high speed internet, from UN to USA, from Abdullah’s to Mehbooba Mufti, from congress to Apni Party, from doctors to teachers, from common men to politicians almost everyone requested authorities to restore the high speed internet in UT, as its need of an hour to restore High Speed Internet. 

After the total shutdown of India because of CoronaVirus pandemic, work places allowed and ordered employees to work from home, schools, colleges ordered students to study at home with e-learning and online classes, awareness campaigns, public advisories by Health Departments/WHO for the whole world, but it was never same for people of Jammu and Kashmir. In Jammu and Kashmir Doordarshan started tele-classes for school students but it doesn’t look really effective. In today’s world we all deserve to be globally connected and updated but barred internet isn’t helping at all. 

Authorities should take a chance to restore high speed internet in Jammu and Kashmir if it’s threat to national interests and people of Jammu and Kashmir should use the service in moderate way. People are in desperate need of high speed internet and has become the “Talk of Town” right now. Everyone is hopeful that one day it will be restored in Union Territory.

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Syed Junaid
Learner, Writer, Technophile
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