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Jammu and Kashmir politics

Revocation of Article 370: Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh

Article 370 - What happens in Kashmir valley after 3 years

जम्मू-कश्मीर: लक्षित हत्याओं व हिन्दुओं के पलायन को रोकना सरकार के सामने बड़ी चुनौती

370 हटने के बाद से ही आतंकवादियों ने अपनी आकाओं की जबरदस्त बौखलाहट, छटपटाहट, हताशा व निराशा में राज्य में निरंतर माहौल खराब करने के प्रयास शुरू कर रखें हैं।

Jammu & Kashmir National Conference, why should Hindus vote you when you historically have always been a backstabber?

Some Hindu politicians of National Conference from Jammu; Jai-Chands of Jammu will never serve unvarnished truth to their Kashmiri bosses but on the contrary will try to convince people of Jammu with extenuating reasons to accept them and vote for National Conference because their tawdry leader sings bhajans; thereby forgetting the perpetual genocide of Hindus in their regime.

आखिरकार रुबिया सईद अपहरण कांड एक राजनीतिक साजिश साबित हो ही गया

जम्मू कश्मीर के अलगाववादी नेता हिलाल अहमद वार के द्वारा "The Great Disclosures Secrets Unmasked", शीर्षक से लिखित पुस्तक में उन तथ्यों का सिलसिलेवार खुलासा किया गया।

The battlefield of rumours and hopes: Separation of Jammu and Kashmir?

Political rumours in J&K have developed a pattern now – they are preceded by feelers out of New Delhi and succeeded by meetings at the Gupkar Road.

Jammu-Srinagar National Highway; a ticking time bomb!

Few days ago, it took me even less than 7 hours from Jammu to reach Srinagar but this time it was with three toll plazas, enormous dust and immense fear of a sliding shooting stone. River Chenab was never dirtier, the adjoining hills were never so very torn, leave aside the beauty.

Farooq Abdullah interviewed by Thapar

Mr. Abdullah called Modi-Shah as fascists for abrogating article 370. He probably forgot that article 370 was abrogated not just by Modi and Shah but by majority in both houses of India's parliament after due discussion/debate and Indian President signed the bill.

Inertial Kashmir: The land of wicked & perpetual betrayals!

if we are to zero in on one reason behind this perpetual alienation, it is the confused leadership which specialises in subterfuge, Kashmir has received till date.

Undermining merit in JK Bank exams for regional cum minority appeasement

This is one of many classical examples of day to day discrimination people of Jammu had faced even before 370 and to some extent after 370.

High Speed Internet “need of an hour” in Jammu and Kashmir

High speed internet is a need of hour right now, since the spread of deadly (COVID-19) which already claimed 24,000+ lives all over globe, almost whole Union Territory is requesting for the restoration of High Speed internet.

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