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Home Reports Undermining merit in JK Bank exams for regional cum minority appeasement

Undermining merit in JK Bank exams for regional cum minority appeasement

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Towards the end of 2018, JK Bank, a government owned private bank, advertised for posts of Banking PO and Banking associate. In its notification it was specifically notified by JK Bank that it will be post on state wise merit and not on any other criteria. In April 2019, exam were held after being delayed by Pulwama attack. Exams were conducted by IBPS for JK BANK only for the domiciles of J&K.

Roughly after a month, result was declared and the most interesting event happened when there was a district wise cutoff for a state level exam. The cutoff marks for the student of Hindu majority Jammu were 65 (approx) and for fully muslim Srinagar it was 44 (approx). Since it was a state level exam, there was no point of district level cutoff and then a difference of 20 marks for two districts was a mockery of central result handed to JK bank by IBPS.

To this mockery innocent students of Jammu raised their voice and it created a political turmoil in Jammu. After this SatyaPal Malik- then Governor of J&K tweeted that there would be a common cutoff of 40 marks for all J&k. Within a few days he removed the then chairman of J&K bank PA Nengroo for alleged corruption and after few days investigation was initiated on him by J&K Governor.

During the course of investigation it was surfaced that how metric pass kins of Mehbooba and Abdullahs were made Bank managers of JK bank. After few months entire recruitment was quashed by new Lt Gov of UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Innocent students were preparing hard for their main exams (2nd tier in banking exam) and all of the sudden they heard that recruitment has been scrapped.

One student who has hardly 2-3 precious years for competing for his life and career can also live in this utter pain but the most heartbreaking news came when a call recording of then Governor SatyaPal Malik surfaced online and went viral.He clearly stated in that recording that the result was declared district wise because students of Jammu who otherwise had qualified,were more in number then the students of Kashmir. Bureaucrats flourished under the Islamic Umbrella of Abdullahs and Muftis had suggested that an original unbiased result will create dissatisfaction among the people of Kashmir.

Through this article I want to raise my opinion that if dissatisfaction can murder a merit, a dream, a hope of having a job after hard work. Can you take a job from a hard working to satisfy hardly working? This is one of many classical examples of day to day discrimination people of Jammu had faced even before 370 and to some extent after 370.

Sources: https://indianexpress.com/article/business/banking-and-finance/jk-bank-declares-uniform-cutoff-for-whole-state-after-protests-5726032/


J&K recruitment fraud




also no of vacancies are district wise requirement,not district wise cutoff is mentioned in the above link ,

official district wise cutoff list has been removed by the bank.

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