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Confusion and Controversy over J&K Property Tax!

Controversy over the imposition of Property tax in Jammu Kashmir has not subsided despite J&K Administration’s extensive canvassing.

High Speed Internet “need of an hour” in Jammu and Kashmir

High speed internet is a need of hour right now, since the spread of deadly (COVID-19) which already claimed 24,000+ lives all over globe, almost whole Union Territory is requesting for the restoration of High Speed internet.

Agony of Heaven’s demolition in 1990

Since the revocation of Article 370, Kashmir as a part of the J&K Union Territory seems have to become the old peace-loving beautiful paradise on earth for the world.

The Kashmir struggle is all about establishing Islamic Caliphate and Sharia

Genesis of this “Kashmir issue” lies in Pakistan’s belief that erstwhile princely state of Jammu Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of India’s partition.

Flashpoint Kashmir: How and why an average Kashmiri is robbed of his dreams

Islamic terrorists are using Kashmiri school children as puppets for their evil game in Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir Problem re-explained: For liberal dummies

Are mostly Indian liberals still deceiving themselves and others about Kashmir issue, or just lack guts to be honest?

Do Kashmiris know the consequences of their own demands….?

Recent Kashmir unrest is the most appalling in recent years. Protesters defied curfew and pelted stones on security forces which resulted in deaths of over 40 and over 2000 injured.Voices wanting to join with Pakistan, form a separate nation is at all time high.But, are they of the consequence of their demand.Why are they no different from brainwashed terrorists?

Top Jammu School Caught Publishing Fake CBSE Results For Admissions

A very bad practice is afoot in some J & K schools.

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