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Top Jammu School Caught Publishing Fake CBSE Results For Admissions

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If you belong to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, you would definitely know how famous the name “Heritage Public School” is. It is no doubt one of the top CBSE affiliated school of Jammu city.

Now what if I tell you that this famous school is publishing fake CBSE results of its 12th class students in leading local and national newspapers?

Here is a screenshot of the advertisement this school published in local newspaper named “Daily Excelsior” on 8th June 2016. Edition – Jammu & Delhi.


Now any normal person who would have read this advertisement would have gone on to believe such a good results being advertised and would have surely sought admission for its own ward this year or in near future.

But wait! This advertisement is fake, fabricated, misleading, illegal, unlawful and opposed to public policy. All this is done mere to attract more students and new admissions.

Let us check the result of few 12th class students from CBSE official site itself:

Student 1:

  • Name: Rythm Babbar
  • Roll No: 2749714
  • School Code: 24013

This is what CBSE result shows:

From the above result provided by CBSE

Total marks obtained by above student is : 472
And percentage is : 94.4

But percentage show on advertisement for this student is : 96.5

Lets take example of another student:

  • Name: Sachi Singh
  • Roll No: 2749705
  • School Code: 24013

This is what CBSE result shows:


From the above result provided by CBSE:

Total marks obtained by above student is : 426
So percentage becomes : 85.2

But percentage shown in advertisement for this student is : 90%

These were not just 2 examples but result of entire 12th class list published in newspaper is wrong. You can check the results of other students as well. I have provided the roll no’s below.

fake results

Upon contacting the school principal, Surprisingly there was a very rude behavior and “JO KARNA HAI KAR LO” attitude.

Further a very interesting claim was made by the school that all other schools in Jammu and rest of India also are doing this, so we too did it and so is legal.

Will ordinary citizens of our country be continued to feed up with fake advertisements? Will administration come up to take penal action against such high profile school / schools with political nexus?

The readers are free to corroborate the truth in this post but the fact of the matter is that many schools have been misleading innumerable number of desperate parents and students across India by projecting fake results.

PS: Evan caught cheating red handed, school is not ready to back down from this fraud and has published another advertisement in local edition of Times of India named : “Times of Jammu“, dated 12th June 2016.

Share and spread this message to awake the parents and Law governing agencies. Time has come to expose dirty and illegal nexus of these top class schools.

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