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Do Kashmiris know the consequences of their own demands….?

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Recent Kashmir unrest is the most appalling in recent years. Protesters defied curfew and pelted stones on security forces which resulted in deaths of over 40 and over 2000 injured.Voices wanting to join with Pakistan, form a separate nation is at all time high.But, those who are raising this voices know the following consequences:

  1. If a fair plebiscite is conducted and kashmir clashespeople choose to have a separate nation, then will they be able to nurture peacefully. As Pakistan won’t accept this at any cost and will continue or even intensify terrorists infiltration and other tactics to disband the peace of Kashmir. In this case, will Kashmir be able to deal with this, will they be able to guard thousands of kilometers of border, will they be possess with competent agencies and equipment–to deal with Pakistan– as they have now because of India.
  2. Some people there are comparing there fight with India’s independence which is utterly absurd. As there is no second voice on Britishers illegal occupation and infiltration of India. But, that’s not the case with Kashmir, if we look back to history of Kashmir after and before India’s independence its very complex, there many theories about the ownership of Kashmir.Also, there are many voices among Kashmiri people. Some wants to stay with India, some with Pakistan and some wants separate nation. How will they be united and live peacefully if any one of the two latter opinion wins? And won’t there be protest by people of two different voices as going now? In case of India’s independence there wasn’t any other voice other than expelling Britishers.
  3. If Pakistan would’ve been a secular and peaceful nation, we may not have much problem with Kashmir joining Pakistan. But, the world knows the reality of secularism in Pakistan. How Hindus have been persecuted and forced for religious conversation since the formation of their country. What will happen to many Hindus living in Kashmir,  would they have the same faith as Pakistani Hindus.

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