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Congress party of the dynast, the real Emperor Nero in Indian politics

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More than the AAP celebrating its landslide victory in Delhi assembly election, the congress party of the dynast is in jubilant mood without realizing the truth that the congress party has lost all most all its relevance and vote share in Delhi. But the sycophants of the dynast such as the GREAT Shashi Tharoor claims that BJP has lost the election therefore congress has lots to celebrate at the victory of AAP.

Some sycophant from congress party had even made claims that the party had tactfully withdrawn from the contest to ensure AAP victory and defeat of BJP in Delhi. Congress must realize that BJP has increased its vote share and at the ground level BJP has given tough contest to AAP. BJP although could not win Delhi but has proved that BJP is a force to reckon with in Delhi whereas people shall remember congress party only through the guest appearance the dynast or his mother or his sister in some kitty party in Delhi.

This is the right time for the second coronation of the dynast as the president of congress party because it is the tradition of the congress party that whenever congress party fare badly and distressfully, the dynast is recognized and elevated to the next level in the party. To the surprise, the likelihood of congress vote bank shifted to BJP cannot be ruled out in Delhi because erosion of the vote share of congress and the significant increase in the vote share of BJP reveals only such possibility.

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It is mentioned in the history that the Emperor Nero had ordered to set fire to see how Troy would look when it was burned and had watched the event from high tower, playing lyre.

As per the claim of some congress party men, the party had retreated from the contest to favour AAP is like how the Emperor Nero had asked his men to set fire at Troy to watch how does it look. Congress had, like Nero would have decided to burn off completely the congress party in Delhi and the dynast and his sycophants wants to watch the total and complete destruction of congress party from its party headquarter.

It was Aravind Kejriwal who started the politics of blame Modi for everything on earth starting from Delhi heat to rain to bad weather to…… But soon Aravind kejriwal realized that he is no match to Modi either in stature, honesty, leadership quality, statesmanship, patriotism, commitment in sab ka vikas and decent politics. Later he shifted his politics to governance from abusing and criticizing Modi.

Aravind Kejriwal could realize his mistake and become passive follower of Modi because his desire was to match the leadership stature of Modi at the national level. But for Sonia-Vadra-Rahul Gandhi family’s problem is different. The family strongly believes that the prime minister-ship of India belongs to the family and only Mrs. Vadra or her children or Rahul Gandhi alone have the right to become the Prime Minister of India and not the humble person like Modi.

Therefore all members of the family has only one point agenda called abuse, hate and oppose Modi and nothing else. Like how the herd of sheep or flock of ducks would follow the shepherded or duck-man, most of those follow the family for payment, some political position etc., in the party also abuse and oppose Modi just to please the family.

As long as the congress party engages in such dirty politics of jealous, personal hatred and revenge, the party is going to lose its entire base. Instead of opposing Modi, the dynast should become Modi Bhakt and must learn decent and clean politics from PM Modi and Amit Shah. When the entire India and half of the world adore and revere Modi, nothing wrong for the dynast to fall at the feet of Modi and seek his blessings.

The Sonia-Vadra-Rahul Gandhi family also must study how the so called sycophants are destroying the congress by just praising the family and derail its political agenda. It looks like some congress men are guiding the family to support the regional parties to ensure the defeat of BJP even if such support is self-destructive.

The Sonia-Vadra-Raghul Gandhi family must realize the truth that its first enemy is not BJP or Modi but the regional parties. Only when the regional parties are decimated electorally, Congress can be revived otherwise the congress would only shrink further and the dynast will be left with only option; play his lyre when congress party is decimated by the regional parties.

Another worry of congress also we must note down carefully. The minority vote has started to shift towards the regional parties. So minority appeasement or Shiv Bhakt card or the carrier of Brahmin DNA is not going to work for the dynast. Only way the dynast can save his ship is surrender before Modi and Amit Shah, seek their forgiveness and start a new chapter in Indian politics which is clean, honest and free from sycophancy, corruption and nepotism. Stop supporting regional parties; instead work to defeat all the regional parties. India need nationalism and national political forces and not regional tukde tukde gangs jettison a stable India.

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