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Comparison between fall of Roman Empire and fall of congress party without dynasty culture

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If we reflect the history to understand how the Roman Empire had fallen and the role of the then Roman Emperor Constantine in ending the empire, we can draw several similarities with the disintegration of congress party in India since 2014 and how the great dynast Raghul Gandhi is playing the role of Emperor Constantine of Rome in destroying the congress party in India.

The Roman Emperor Constantine permitted Christianity to spread in Rome which undermined the native religious tradition of Rome. Subsequently the emperor Constantine splits the empire into two parts; western half and eastern half around Constantinople, a city he named after himself.

The western empire spoke Latin and called them Roman Catholic. The eastern empire spoke Greek and worshipped under the eastern orthodox branch of the Christian church. In the passage of time, east survived but the west declined. The fall of Rome really refers only to the decline of the western half of the empire and not the east. But the phrase fall of Rome is understood largely as the fall of entire Rome.

Congress party soon after the assassination of Indira Gandhi chose her son Rajiv Gandhi as its leader and Prime Minister of India. The sympathy wave gave a landslide victory for the first dynast son post assassination of Indira Gandhi and he ruled and ruined India for 5 years. Bofors scandal was the biggest contribution of Rajiv Gandhi to Indian politics.

Subsequently he was too assassinated by LTTE in Tamil Nadu during parliamentary election campaign and as a result, Narasimha Rao came to power and he headed first non-Gandhi family free government and party. But the sycophants in congress party could not tolerate the growth congress party without family to be their loyal sycophant and hence dismantled the robust, democratic congress party and brought back the wife of Rajiv Gandhi to the helm of affairs. Thereon competitive sycophancy of all those non-winnable, post-retired politicians of congress party came to the centre stage. Such change in congress party can be equated with how the Roman Emperor Constantine had embraced Christianity and ruined the local religious tradition of Rome. Exactly the same way, congress party had imported a leader from Italy and derecognised its own eminent leaders like Sharad Pawar, Rajesh Pilot, Madava Rao Scindia, Shagma etc. Of course, the congress party also ridiculed PV Narasimha Rao.

However, thanks to the political ignorance or gullibility of people of India and the greed of many tukede tukede gangs to come to power to loot the nation, UPA came to power twice and that was the end of India. Thanks to Modiji and BJP, India is been saved and slowly it started to grow and transform. 

The fall of Rome and fall of congress shares great similarity.

We often refer the fall of Rome as fall of only the western Rome and not the entire Rome. Similarly the fall of congress is only the fall of party’s support base among people and not the fall of dynasty culture in congress because still the sycophants and unwinnable, post retired leaders of congress party fight for only the coronation of either the mother or her son or if not, the daughter. If nothing works; the sycophants also may agree to give the mantle to son-in-law or his children even if they are minors.

Fall of congress has not ended the fall of dynasty culture in congress but still the party want only the family to run the show.

India has transformed under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The dynastic culture is not going to work anymore. Therefore congress has to choose its new leader outside of the family and not again from the family. India is sick and tired of the stupid dynast who vomits nonsense and stupidity in public against Modi whom people worship and adore like God. Make congress Raghul Gandhi mukt and Sonia pariwar mukt and save the party from total disappearance.

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