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Bhisma or Karna or Drona couldn’t win Duryodhana, so shall MK Stalin by Prashan Kishore

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After 10 years of being out of power both at centre and in the state, still DMK is jittery and hopeless of winning the next assembly election and that is why the party has buried all its hatred for Brahmins, Hindi speaking North Indians who are called as Aryans and finally has prostrated before a Brahmin brain – Prashant Kishore (PK) to help the party in some way to win the next election.

Since the formation of DMK, it has been playing caste politics, politics of hatred and negativity, politics of lies, hate Hinduism, abuse Hindu Gods, abuse Brahmins, appease minority etc., and that was how the party had won in in the past. But now the situation has changed at the ground level. Leadership vacuum is killing the party. Today the party is led by an uncharismatic, amateurish and incapable of giving inspiring or enthusing speeches or repartee or intellectual rhetoric is leading the party purely due to the fact that he is the owner of the party. People from the party are also ironically sick and tired of the family show in DMK where the father, son, son-in-law alone matters a lot than party cadres or dedicated workers. Party did not had any ideology was well known but today the party also has gone leaderless family show.

Because of the fear and insecurity that the porous leadership of Stalin may be questioned later by some or many strong leaders from within the party, DMK family would have decided to hire the services of Prashant Kishore so that if the party wins, the credit would go to PK and not the party leaders and if it loses, the blame can be shifted to the party cadres, that they did not cooperate fully with PK.

The big question is whether PK can make Stalin win?

Many people raise their eye brows and doubt such possibility. People wonder why even after long 10 years of anti-incumbency faced by AIADMK, still DMK is jittery and need a Hindi speaking North Indian Brahmin to give intelligence and wisdom to the party to win election?

It means the entry of PK shows nothing but the fear and lack of confidence of DMK. The reason for such fear is obvious. In 2019 election, DMK successfully sold lies, negativity and divisiveness and won the election. Today none of the MP’s of DMK has shown any performance and as result, DMK is facing a big challenge from people because people have lost all hope of DMK.

Further EPS of AIADMK has reached everyone in the state, even the last man in the street, addressed the multi-various problems of common man, governing the state very well and above all, also have shown an exemplary leadership quality which is above comparison with Stalin. Certainly late Amma is still alive in Tamil Nadu may be in the form of noble spirit, guiding EPS stage by stage to save the state from family rule. The cadres of AIADMK must remember the truth that by supporting EPS they are supporting the late Amma and MGR and therefore it is their fundamental duty to support AIADMK to save the state.

We must reflect our great mythology Mahabharat to understand whether PK can make DMK win 2021 assembly election.

Duryodhana was an embodiment of negativity, jealous, greed, dynastic culture, power hungry etc. Duryodhana could get the support all great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Kripacharya etc., but still could not win the war against Pandavas because Lord Krishna was with Pandavas.

Duryodhana could not win because he was a cheat, evil at heart, greedy and lacks all morality, honesty and ethics. All his negative qualities although could survive for quite long but failed at the end.

When his father was the king of Hastinapur, Duryodhana could enjoy all paraphernalia and also could claim he was the true heir to the throne. But Duryodhana could not win because the universal truth is that adharma, aneeti and negativity shall never win and only truth and dharma alone triumph at the end. So even if aneeti and negativity receives the support of great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Karna etc., it could not win at the end.

The similar possibility we cannot rule out in the case of DMK. The party is seen as party of negativity, hate Hindus, abuse Hind Gods, divide castes in the name of social justice, corruption, nepotism, dynastic culture etc. When DMK carries such huge baggage, PK cannot help DMK like how Bhishma, Karna, Drona or Kripacharya could not help evil Duryodhana. Duryodhana was always under the influence of Shakuni another evil designer.

There is no doubt PK cannot help DMK win next election but certainly PK will win Hinduism in DMK and DMK may melt down its hatred towards Hinduism and would also change its mind set towards the brilliance of Brahmins; PK.

The working style of PK indicates that he would bring a bit of Hinduism popularly referred as soft Hinduism in every political party that hires him for strategic consultancy so that India shall be ready to embrace the historic re-naming of India as Hindu Rastra soon. Hope people of Tamil Nadu will defeat DMK in stocks and barrel and save the state from corrupt, dynastic politics and politics of lies, negativity and hatred of DMK.

People should make 2021 assembly election between EPS and Super Star Rajnikanth and DMK should be reduced to a mere fringe player.

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