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Ramachandra Guha’s message to regional parties, Congress is first enemy of India, defeat it fast

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The noted historian Ramachandra Guha in true sense has accused and blamed the people of Kerala in general and people of Waynad in particular for electing the 5th generation dynast-Rahul Gandhi and his party -Indian national congress.

The congenital phobia of Ramachandra Guha against Modi is well known. But finally the inability and inefficiency of his (probably) the matinee idol, 5th generation dynast of the congress party – Rahul Gandhi has made Guha to admit the greatness and glory of Modi and compelled Guha to conclude that the dynast Rahul Gandhi is no match for the hard-working, honest, dedicated to the cause of sab vikas, Modi.

The message has its own twists and turns as well. Guha and many others; the so called left liberals and those who claimed to have born exclusively to protect the secularism and democracy of India have started to fear that the CAA protest may favour at the end the congress party.

At national level, the Muslims may see only the congress party as an alternative to BJP and hence may vote for congress party. Most of the tukde tukde gangs and the dynastic political forces like DMK, SP, JDS etc., are surviving largely through minority appeasement and if the minority vote shifts to congress, naturally the regional parties may find it hard to win even a single seat. Most of the regional parties and tukde tukde gangs wants only coalition government at the centre, wants instability, corruption, nepotism, sycophancy and development of own family circle not the nation and hence they do not want BJP and Modi.

Now the danger of all those tukede tukede gangs is that congress may take away their minority vote share and that would make them further weak and incapacitated politically. But the CAA protest that they have started by spreading lies and fear mongering that CAA is against Muslims and Indian Muslims are going to lose their right etc., appears to be turning against them.  The possibility of Muslim minority (reasonable proportion) may see congress as a viable option and not the regional parties is quite high. It means the regional parties fought against Modi by spreading, sowing and selling lies and fear which is ultimately going to resurrect the congress party.

Ramachandra Gudha has lots of reasons to get upset because he knew that all his protests and rhetoric, people of India have rejected outrageously and those who likely to heed to him are some minority sections. Today all those minority blocks are likely to move towards the congress and such situation is likely to annul the role of tukde tukde gangs in Indian politics. The shift of minority community towards the congress party has come at the expense of tukde tukde gangs. It means, none of the protests of the opposition parties are going to help them and if at all the protest may offer some benefit that would be for the congress party and not for the regional parties.


Congress party has cleverly reduced the regional parties and the so called left liberals as its marketing agency to do minority appeasement and fear mongering over CAA. 

The message of Ramachandra Guha is very clear and loud to all opposition parties. The opposition parties must fight the Congress more than BJP and Modi.

Only when India is freed from congress, the regional parties can sustain their niche and shrinking habitat. Otherwise the un-teachable dynast of the congress party would walk away with the credit at the toil of many opposition parties.


The biggest danger of India is congress party and its stinking dynastic politics. Therefore the regional parties must defeat the congress party and even if in short run, that may not benefit that, still they should accept such defeat. But any cost congress party should not win.

The political formula in India should be BJP versus others excluding the congress party and not BJP versus Congress versus others. As long as congress is there in the scene, the position of others would be third or fourth or even distant 10th. Once the congress party is eliminated from the political framework of India through the democratic process, the regional parties can have their say and only this absolute truth Guha has echoed in Kerala.

People of India and many regional parties must prioritize their politics and must fight congress and defeat and decompose the party first. But instead of what each regional party is supposed to do are engaged in hate Modi campaign, propagating and selling lies and negativity to the minority community and dividing India.

It is the congress, the number one enemy of India and the regional parties and not the BJP is the message Guha has told even to the left ruled state- Kerala.

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