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Abhijith Banerjee, the shadow of Rahul Gandhi in venting out pessimism and demotivation

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In the recent interview Mr. Abhijith Banerjee has stated that had he been in India, he wouldn’t have won the Nobel Prize in Economics although it may be true but his above admission could have been a bit more sophisticated and matured.

He visits India often, makes political statements filled with leftist liberal ideology but does not want to take any responsibility. It means he is interested only showcasing his Nobel Prize, looking for several platforms to either give speeches or interviews with left liberal leaning but does not want to use his ‘so called intelligence and wisdom’ to develop India.

If he is that sincere that had he been in India, he would not have won the Nobel Prize, after winning Nobel Prize he should have requested our Honourable Prime Minister to provide him some niche in our educational institution on honorary basis because he wants to facilitate Indian educational institutions to produce Nobel laureates like how several foreign institutions are.

But he is not willing to take up any such responsibility; instead wants to be liberal and generous to make demotivating interviews to please his cheerleaders in the opposition.

In contrast, Narendra Modi, our Honourable Prime Minister is working overtime to develop India, eliminate poverty, discrimination, corruption, entitlement politics, nepotism, anti-India sloganeering and sab ka vikas. PM Modi is bearing immeasurable amount of criticism and abuses just to develop India like how a fruit bearing tree is when attacked by several creatures for their survival but still the tree would offer only delicious fruits even to those who throw stones at.

As a simple roadside tea seller, Modi dreamt of making a New India, took complete responsibility, made several sacrifices in his personal life, overpower all his financial limitations with high level of personal honesty and integrity, committing his life for the nation and its people, and that is how he rose to the office of Prime Minister of India.


PM Modi is a true KARMA YOGI whereas the so called left liberal Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee is a true shadow fighter and seems to be interested only in shadow boxing to demean those who born for and live for India and its development- Modi.

The Nobel laureate shares several characteristics of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is a great dynast, fifth generation dynast, still believes he is the Prime Minister of India because according to him, no one else has the right to become the Prime Minister of India other than the members of Nehru-Gandhi family and speaks a lot of bad things about Hinduism, our tradition etc., in foreign soil but at the same time claim he is carrying Brahmin DNA, a Hindu and Siva Bhakt. The dynast has not taken any responsibility but was always ready to abuse and criticise PM Modi and India without realizing the ground truth that his family was only ruling India for nearly 5 decades.

More ironical aspect is that when the congress party went headless, they even imported a leader from Italy but thanks to the efforts and patriotism of Dr Subramaniam Swamy and the then President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, the imported leader could not become the Prime Minister of India.  As a result the accidental prime minister could rule the country. 


To be responsible, one must move first, shun ego and must be committed to the cause. If Abhijit Banerjee has the above traits in letter and spirit must request our Honourable Prime Minister for a role on honorary basis and must do whatever is possible to facilitate Indian institutions are also capable of doing research that worth Nobel Prize. But unfortunately the left liberal Nobel laureate chose to remain as a ‘Gentle man of leisure’ interested only in giving interviews and speeches to the cheerleaders of the opposition gang.

People of India should be wary of the so called intellectuals because they always play second fiddle to dynastic politics and not to Indian-ness or sab ka vikas centric governance of Modi.

All the so called left liberals are so liberal in supporting Rahul Gandhi because he is the hall of fame entertainer in Indian politics today, unwise, immature even at the age of 50 remain fooling.   Thanks to his innate stupidity, he would require all the so called left liberals to his side. But the same is not with Modi because Modi is honest, popular, people’s leader, very firm and decisive, never promote sycophancy, never get influenced by others, and has clear vision, intelligence and total commitment. Therefore all the so called left liberals cannot influence Modi and hence they have no other option but oppose him. In any case the left liberals do not care for India, all they want is self-importance and self-gratification.

We the Indians must stay together, pledge our unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah, spread the good initiatives of Modi and tell people around about how various initiatives PM Modi has transformed India and how several poor people have started to enjoy a new life which was denied to them for several decades of dynastic rule. Let us save India by supporting Modi.

Jai Hind.

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