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The ‘Right’ must stop the return of fallen ‘Left’

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Dipankar Jugran
A mechanical engineer by profession. Writing my thoughts down for people to read. Giving my contribution to the fight against pseudo-liberalism and leftist propaganda.

Just another day in this so-called Anti-CAA/NRC protests and the left propaganda is in full swing. While the Left around the world always love to see their nation drift into chaos, the conservatives or the right-wing are always there to instill some nationalism into the mind of people and save the day. 

In the post-world war era when poverty was on its peak, left rose to power by feeding off the victimized poor people but as more and more people are being lifted out of poverty and as their standard of living rises, the influence of left on their mind is also decreasing. Left is slowly losing ground in this modern world as the number of people on which the left leach is reducing. This has turned left into a dangerous desperate extremist who will do anything to come back in power. 

The Indian scenario is also the same. Indian left, when in opposition, instead of keeping tabs on the government’s activities and do constructive criticism, is busy in devising ways to overthrow the current establishment. They’re so desperate to get back in power that they are ready to burn this nation and its people to the ground. It is important to understand the part Indian left is playing in the turmoil which our nation is going through right now.

Left is against an act which was passed by both houses of parliament, a humanitarian act, which gives citizenship to the victims of religious persecution of our three neighboring countries. Isn’t that what leftist ideology stands for? ‘Champion of the downtrodden’, Isn’t it the way left portray itself?. But, now as the right-wing government is doing what a leftist always wanted (of course with few restrictions), the left instead of welcoming it, is opposing it. If this isn’t hypocrisy then what is?

“There is massive protest breaking all over India against CAA”, is what the media would want you to believe conveniently ignoring massive support rallies which are also being organized all over India.

Right now there are a number of different types of protests that are happening in the country and we’ll take on them one by one.

The first type of protest is that of the so-called students. Students who are studying in prestigious universities like DU and IIMs but are just illiterate bunch of low IQ people who believe that being anti-establishment is the only way of activism and looking cool. While media is trying very hard to portray these acts as spontaneous student protests, these protests have been exposed several times by opindia for being orchestrated and planned by the student union and political parties under the hood.

The second type of protest is not a protest but a riot. A riot by uneducated Islamic radicals who are on the streets raging havoc against a bill that has nothing to do with them. Most of them do not understand what it is but are just out on the street because of some WhatsApp forward which is being circulated by the political parties to misinform people. Further, the connection of these protests to Islamic terrorist groups such as SIMI and PFI is also being speculated.

And finally the third type, a protest by some Simrans and Rahuls on Instagram just because Alia Bhatt says that this Act is against the constitution. 

Low IQed Left Intelligencia and Urban Naxals are spreading fear inside the mind of people to extract a violent reaction from them towards the ruling government. They’re promoting arsons and vandalism in the name of protest and media is just turning a blind eye towards it and instead showing brainless millennials, who don’t even bother to read about the CAA, distributing roses to police officers. (I would’ve liked this gesture if it was to thank Delhi police to beat those antisocial elements of Jamia to a pulp). 

It’s sad to see how ill-informed and braindead today’s social media generation has become. Left is clearly winning the narrative war against the BJP on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. While Twitter still remains a neutral platform, Facebook and Instagram have become a hub of misinformation and most of the Millenials are on these two platforms only. Given how brainless today’s generation is, they believe anything and everything share on social media, therefore, its very easy to influence them. BJP and the Right Inteligensia should counter the propaganda spread across these platforms if they want to win the war of Narratives.  

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Dipankar Jugran
A mechanical engineer by profession. Writing my thoughts down for people to read. Giving my contribution to the fight against pseudo-liberalism and leftist propaganda.

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