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Analyzing the consequences of ongoing riots in France

In this article, we will delve into the consequences of these ongoing riots in France and explore their impact on different aspects of society.

Scarf — The outfit of rioters

Across all the anti-national riots that have taken place over these past two years, a disturbing trend has been observed, a disturbing fashion trend!

The ‘Right’ must stop the return of fallen ‘Left’

Different types of protests the nation witnessing, majorly with the similar agenda.

Stop The Circus – Revolutions are not always the answer

The warning signs are here. The Haryana riots are a wake-up call. It is time look within and not be swayed by self-interests.

भीड़ का मिज़ाज

हरयाणा मे आरक्षण की माँग को लेके तोड़ फोड़ हुई तो उसी की आड़ मे बलात्कार भी। जवाबदेही किसी की नही है क्यूंकी ये भीड़ ने किया!

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