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NCP darted, Congress radio-collared Shiv Sena and reduced tiger to striped cat

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The sudden somersault of Shiv Sena from supporting the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in parliament to not to support the same bill in upper house has exposed how precarious and helpless the tiger is now which was once majestic and powerful in Maharashtra politics. NCP has smartly darted Shiv Sena and fixed it due to its greed for power. Congress has given up its ideology (congress has no ideology in truth to give up) and aligned with Shiv Sena to form government in Maharashtra.

But the tiger forgot the fact that it had been darted and it is in an immobilized state by NCP and hence the tiger is not the tiger as on date and hence the tiger has to listen to its ring master, otherwise the tiger will be bruised and beaten. The innate behaviour of the tiger is to roar and hence it roared in favour of CAB in the parliament but when its ring master tracked the tiger (striped cat) and pulled its claws and canine teeth, the tiger subdued its roar and finally retreat to the cage admitting the truth that the tiger is no more a tiger and now it has been tamed by its master to obey its order and play in circus as per the circus rule.

The helpless tiger has finally made a somersault and made a new statement that it would oppose the bill in the upper house which it had supported and voted in favour of in parliament (lower house). From the somersault, Shiv Sena has admitted to the world that it is not the Uddhav Thackeray who is the boss of Shiv Sena but NCP and Congress party are its real boss and hence Shiv Sena is bound to follow the whip of these parties and must fall in line with the political ideology of NCP and congress party.

People of India are really saddened over Shiv Sena not for the reason that the party is not going to support CAB in upper house but how the party of Balashaheeb Thackeray has surrendered like a mouse before NCP and congress.  For power, no political party in India has reduced itself like a mouse like Shiv Sena before NCP and congress party. No party worker of Shiv Sena who holds great self-pride and dignity over late Balashaheeb Thackeray can digest the helplessness of Uddhav Thackeray, the son of Balashaheeb Thackeray and president of Shiv Sena who surrendered his pride before NCP and congress party which the late Balashaheeb Thackeray opposed till his death.

Shiv Sena first has betrayed its ideology, mandate of the people and now agreed to behave like a mouse just to hang onto power. People of India are watching and observing every event that is happening in both parliament and Rajya sabha.

Already people of Karnataka has shown the world that any political party that break and betray the mandate of people and form unholy alliance will be defeated and eliminated from the political map of India. Soon the people of Maharashtra are going to write the obituary column of Shiv Sena and congress party.

NCP has emerged as a clear winner at the national level by diminishing the stature of congress party. Further NCP supremo also has said recently in a Television interview that the whole process of alliance got delayed because the congress party was demanding various cabinet berths in Maharashtra government. The statement of NCP supremo has exposed the greed and restless of congress party to grab the cabinet berths than getting engaged in preparing common minimum programme.

People of India must expose both Shiv Sena and congress by giving a fitting reply to these parties in the next election. Only when people defeat Shiv Sena and congress party, other political parties also would start to follow some basic discipline and would never take people of India for granted.

People of India must stay united and must support Modi unconditionally to save India from corrupt, dynastic political forces and tukde tukde gangs that want to grab power and loot the nation.

India is transforming under Modi; India is experiencing a corruption free, development centric, sab ka vikas focused governance. Coalition government is the birth place of corruption; whereas stable, single party majority led government alone can assure decisive, assertive, fair and corruption free government to India. People of India must work extra hours to reach out to every fellow Indian to spread the good governance of Modi and the importance of supporting Modi to save India.

The fight that India faces today is between good and bad, god and ghost, honesty and corruption.  We do not need ghost to have god. The government of Modi is truth and honesty based and hence India needs no opposition. People must defeat all those divisive forces and forces that make the political capital out of minority appeasement and Hindu hatred. Let us work together and defeat all dynastic, corrupt forces in India.

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