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Narendra Modi threw right challenge, let congress show courage to bring back article 370, Triple talaq, citizenship to Pakistani, scrap UAPA, re-install corruption

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Congress has been protesting against all most all reform initiatives of PM NArendra Modi because according to congress, it must oppose Modi for anything and everything. The CAB brought by Modi, the congress party is opposing mainly due to its vote bank politics that is nothing but minority appeasement.

The question Modi has asked to all the opposition parties especially those oppose CAB including the congress party of the dynast was that whether they wants to give citizenship to Pakistani people and is that the reason they oppose CAB blindly.

Let the congress party admit and accept openly to the world that congress party if elected back to power would give Indian citizenship to all those Pakistani people including the terrorists.

Similarly the congress party also must admit to the world unequivocally that the party will bring back Article 370 and 35 A in Jammu and Kashmir, will unify the state how it was before inactivation of the discriminatory status, cancel Triple talaq ban, break all those millions of toilets built by Modi government to poor people, freeze millions of bank accounts opened for poor people to integrate the poor people into the banking sector by Modi, disconnect all the cooking gas connections given to poor people by Modi, darken the villages that were electrified by Modi, cut all drinking water pipes given by Modi, will remove all initiatives taken by Modi to end corruption and re-install corruption, cause instability which Modi has broken and brought stability to our nation etc.

Congress also must tell the people that it would scrap the direct transfer of schemes to the bank account of poor people and instead would bring middleman to do the job.

Let congress explain to people why the party oppose Modi so hysterically and blindly and are they not harming the progress of our nation through such blind opposition and politicization of every great initiative of Modi and Amit Shah which the people of India applaud and appreciate?

The congress party that promotes dynastic culture has shown enormous courage in opposing and criticizing Modi for bringing several pro-poor, development centric initiatives, hence the question is, will the same congress party show courage to tell the people of India that it would scrap all the initiatives of Modi starting from Article 370, Triple Talaq ban, UAPA, CAB, anti-corruption efforts, recovery of bank loans from all those looted the banks etc.  Let people of India know from congress party how it is going to conduct its politics by opposing Modi?

Since independence, Moidji is seen by the contemporary generation as the first and foremost honest and in-corruptible Prime Minister ever India had. The governance of Modi is the fairest, development centric, focused on sab ka vikas agenda, national security and cultural integration to achieve the ethos of one India.

India should not be let to divide and exist as different unions because of linguistic differences but the larger aspect of Indians called Hinduism must be brought back to unite all Indians under one umbrella so that the spirit and letter of one India is achieved. The new India that Modi envisage involves equal partnership and equal opportunity for all Indians.

Instead of falling prey to narrow definition of political interest and ideology, people must unite for the nation and must support Modi unconditionally to make India a land of dignity, equality, fairness, free of corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism, divisiveness, fear mongering, promoting lies and instability.

Like several structural reforms that are initiated by Modi, we also need cultural, religious, civilizational, spiritual and philosophic reform in our country. Our religion must be Indian, our caste must be patriotism and our political identity must be corruption free nation and our national icon must be Modiji. 

India shall shine like the blooming Lotus flower in a rich pond under Modi. Need of the hour is people must pledge their unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah to make India a great land.  It is not just congress mukt Bharat we should aim for, but opposition mukt Bharat that is what we want today.

For divinity, truth and dharma to exist, we do not need the counter balancing force called evil spirit, dishonesty and Adharma.

Modi is the embodiment of truth, divinity and dharma. Let us support Modi and oppose and defeat all those evil forces that oppose the divinity of Modi.

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