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Making law versus playing politics, Modi verses opposition- Visceral examination of parliamentary debate

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Ever since Narendra Modi came to power and started to govern the country focusing exclusively on the agenda of development and sab ka vikas and clamping down corruption, most of the opposition parties started to lose their foundation, which is nothing but corruption, looting public money, inculcating dynastic politics, nepotism and minority appeasement.

The second term of PM Modi has been on fulfilling all promises BJP had made to the people of India and structurally taking India to next of level of growth and development.

Several transforming laws PM Modi has brought such as IBC to liquidate NPA and fixing those who looted the money from our banks, repelling of article 370 and 35A, the most regressive, draconian and biased law that was in existence in Jammu and Kashmir giving a status to the state to leech the resources from India but at the same time play the tunes for Pakistan and militants who wants to break India. The opposition then called the repelling of article 370 as anti-Islam and reduced the parliamentary debate with religious colour. The special status of J&K was against non-Muslim minorities was the argument of the opposition parties. The special status of J&K protect the state from any law passed by Government of India against corruption and similarly the special status also prevent any Indian buy any piece of land in the state, the Kashmiri Pandits have to either convert to Islam or must leave the state but none of these atrocities were ever questioned by the opposition parties. One or two families in J&K like how congress party of functions today, alone had the entitlement for everything and rest of the citizens in J&K have to be just followers and listeners of either of these two families.

Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act (UAPA) when brought in the parliament for its accent, again the opposition parties rallied together to up the ante and opposed the bill stating that the bill was against Muslims. When Modi’s government scrapped Triple Talaq and empowered the voiceless, impecunious Muslim women and regained their dignity and right, again the opposition cried and shouted that the scraping of Triple Talaq was against Muslim men.

Now the government had brought another transformative bill called Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which talks about giving citizenship to all Indians suffered persecution from Islamic countries, again the opposition parties have come up with the same slogan that the bill is against Muslim.

No single opposition party has any logic or merit-full argument to tell the world why they oppose the bill. All they have to say was India must be treated as Darmasala and must accept anyone who enters India.

The atrocities and discrimination various minority communities such as Christian, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhist and Hindus had to suffer in our neighbouring countries are quite sickening. No civilized nation in the world can forgive or forget those Islamic countries used brute force either to convert all minorities to Islam or leave the country.

The most compassionate question is that where else all those minority communities would go other than India? Most of the opposition parties too had made tall promise in the past in favour of persecuted minority communities from our neighbouring countries but when Modi wants to do something real, truthful and original to all those persecuted minority communities, once again the opposition parties want to stall the parliament session with the same rhetoric and sloganeering that CAB is against Muslim.

People of India must ask loudly who is dividing India in Hindu and Muslim line. It is the opposition which is dividing the nation by keep invoking minority appeasement politics and dividing the society. 

By branding Modi as anti-Muslim, the opposition parties are dividing the Muslims from the main stream nationalism and patriotism centric politics and are sowing the seeds of fear, insecurity and discrimination.

India can be saved by two distinct ways such as

  1. Support Modi unconditionally and the support people needs to express towards BJP must be non-negotiable. Modi alone can unite India, develop the nation and achieve sab ka vikas. Whereas the opposition parties know only to divide the nation, promote dynastic politics, nepotism and corruption.
  2. All Muslims must unite and defeat the opposition parties. Muslims need an anchorage point. AIMM or other like-minded political forces, Muslims should chose for the purpose of defeating congress, DMK and other political parties that rides on minority appeasement and marginalize Muslims in India.

India must prosper. Modi is working overtime to make India strong, decisive and developed.  India must stand with Modi and Amit Shah and vote for stability and assertiveness and only then all those promote dynastic politics and corruption through appeasement politics can be shown the exit door from Indian politics.

Jai Hind.

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