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Home Opinions Warning for Dengue treatment in TN and elimination of cross pathy must go together

Warning for Dengue treatment in TN and elimination of cross pathy must go together

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The strict warning served to all private medical practitioners in Tamil Nadu in dealing patients with fever during this monsoon season in order to control Dengue episode is a positive move by the Government of Tamil Nadu. We must note that the Siddha herbal decoction is being given to healthy people in bus stops, bazaar and in public places and the same must be encouraged so that the people can recognise the bitter truth that the herbal decoction is not a drug for Dengue and instead it may be some way useful to healthy people however no undeniable scientific evidence is available right now.  Even Siddha fraternity is not in a position to offer any unambiguous, scientific answer on the clinical efficacy of their herbal decoction.

While serving strict warning to all those private medical practitioners settled especially in rural areas, cross pathy by vaid, either traditional or those institutionally qualified also must be stopped because the medical misadventure by them is nothing but quackery where patients are treated for fever without knowing the etiology, is equally dangerous.

The innocent display of ignorance which is believed to be as an act of wise thinking or prudent medical service is far more dangerous and hence the Government of Tamil Nadu should appoint state wide squads to monitor cross pathy by vaidyas in rural areas of Tamil Nadu and only then the medication health fraud and the associated medical disaster we can prevent especially when the climatic factors in the state is quite conducive for Dengue.


The poor and uneducated people in rural Tamil Nadu are the one often fall prey to quackery and cross pathy. The medication health fraud can be prevented totally only when the government define the role of AYUSH as pre-medical, paramedical and post disease management approach than promoting the same as medical science. Traditional healing practice cannot be literally translated as medical science nor can those graduated from such healing practices be designated as doctor.

Poor and uneducated people cannot differentiate medical science and traditional healing practices. Traditional healing practices are pre-medication recipes or practices and their use in treating any disease is quite limited to nil. When a patient approaches the vaidya with a definite medical problem, naturally the vaidya would find almost nothing to offer from his or her kitty as ‘DRUG’ to treat the medical problem like allopathy. But from the patient’s point of view, the vaidya that they have consulted must provide treatment to their medical problem like allopathic doctor. This situation preludes cross pathy and medication health fraud.

If vaidya refer such patients to allopathic doctor and provide their service and expertise to make healthy people conscious about their health, how to maintain and protect health, how not to fall ill, what are the recipes and lifestyle changes they must adopt during different seasons, how important is mental health for physical health, how spirituality, morality and divine belief can assure wellness etc., certainly AYUSH would grow significantly and also India shall become health and happy thanks to AYUSH.


Today AYUSH exist in India mostly due to several manufacturing companies. The licensing norms for new AYUSH products become quite tough and time consuming. This impediment is also pushing the progress of AYUSH backward. The license norms for AYUSH products must be simple, like food recipes, quality norms must be fixed and more proprietary recipes must be encouraged so that newness and vibrancy would come to AYUSH.

Most of the ingredients used in making AYUSH recipes are used in various culinary preparations and hence the recipes of AYUSH are if treated as extension of food recipe, the system would progress and be useful to humanity.

AYUSH is a wellness based, health promoting and restoring system and not medical science. The paramedical tag if is given to AYUSH and its role is defined well, not only we can eliminate cross pathy and medication health fraud but also we can re-invent the significance and relevance of AYUSH to our society. Cross pathy has certainly impaired the credibility of Siddha system in Tamil Nadu owes to some institutionally qualified Siddha vaidya in private practice.

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