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Need help identifying the Brown Sepoys in the Right? Use these pointers as Litmus Test

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The Indian Right movement has been centrally based on the common goal of a Cultural Renaissance that will undo centuries of mental slavery imposed upon us. The word Culture is often substituted by “Hindu”, “Dharmic”, “Indic” by the Right, Trads and Urbanites respectively. While the movement has gained good momentum, there has always been confusion and a mild paranoia of the presence of “Brown” Sepoy in the political spectrum.

What is a “Brown Sepoy”?

The term “Brown Sepoy” here implies that the individual could still be chained by the Macaulay’s Leftist education. They may be speaking the “Hindu” language because of the strong political narrative prevalent in the country at present. If the political narrative shifts, these individuals will go back to the pre-2014 anti-Hindu secular narrative.

How do we identify a “Brown Sepoy”?

The analysis mentioned further in the article is directly related to the individual’s understanding of Dharma, and NOT THEIR POLITICAL LOYALTIES. India, at the moment, longs for a Dharmic Revolution not touched by the follies of secularism. Having made that clear, one could use the following litmus test to identify a Brown Sepoy in the Right :

Viewpoint on Sabarimala

The whole Sabarimala debate was reduced to “Why can’t women enter the temples?” with the stigma of menstruation being the key undercurrent in the Left’s propaganda. Brown Sepoy’s viewpoint on this issue was the “My religion doesn’t discriminate between genders, all are welcome to the temple” tone. The individual’s stance in this matter lacks understanding of the land’s culture and how it has to be looked at holistically and not be cherry-picked. Brown Sepoy had no idea that there are temples in Kerala that bars the entry of men. He equated every tradition and custom using the denominator of Abrahamic equality.

Viewpoint on BHU protests

Just like Sabarimala, the BHU student protests has been reduced to “Why can’t a Non-Hindu teach Sanskrit?” Even without knowing the issue at hand, some Brown Sepoys flashed their ignorance by propagating “Vasudeva Kutumbh”. The issue wasn’t about a Non-Hindu teaching a language, but about how someone having no faith in Hindu theology teaching the students their faith. Dr Feroz Khan believes that Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Uttar Ramcharitam or Mahakavya like Raghuvansh Mahakavya or Harshcharitam to be just literary epics and have nothing to do with religion.

Raghuvansh Mahakavya is a poem on Lord Rama’s dynasty composed by the revered poet Kalidasa. How could this not have anything to do with the Hindu religion? The fact that many in the Indian Right can’t understand the subtleties of Hinduism was clearly exposed by the BHU protests. The Left has always been the ace in playing the “Bigot” card against any Hindu who disagreed with their opinions. The Brown Sepoys took the same route and tried labelling the dissenters with the “Bigot” tag.

Viewpoint on Ram Mandir verdict

It was very understandable why Hindus were asked to not to celebrate, as it would mean that the other side has lost. But there were opinions floating around by people who identified themselves as the Right about how they will crowdfund for the Masjid to be built in the 5-acre land. Only an individual saddled with guilt could make such a suggestion. One can bet that they could have even endorsed a hospital instead of a temple during pre-2014 days.

Lord Rāma, Lord Ayyapā and the students from BHU have given us a credible litmus test to identify the Brown Sepoys in the Right discourse. While these people may be subject experts in their chosen domain but when it comes to Hindu theology, they need not be taken seriously.

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