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Betrayal of Shiv Sena and its similarity with the actions of Duryodhana in Mahabharat

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We must associate the greed and lust for power of Shiv Sena chief with the lust and greed of Duryodhana in Mahabharat. Duryodhana was the son Dhritarastra who was none other than the brother of Pandu, the father of Pandavas. Both Pandavas and Kauravas were born in the Hastinapur palace, lived together under the same parenthood, played together, had their education under the same gurukul but later broke away due to the greed of Duryodhana for power.

Instead of Dhritarastra acting as king of Hastinapur and break the greed of his son Duryodhana, he sided with him because of the bad influence of Shakuni. The greed and blind ambition of the blind Dhritarastra over his son Duryodhana to see him as king of Hastinapur, allowed the family to split and injustice to happen to Pandavas. Both Duryodhana and Dhritarastra weren’t bothered about the welfare of Hastinapur but want war and destruction because, for Dhritarastra, his son Duryodhana should be made the king and not Yudhistra.

If we unfold the events in Maharashtra and look at the way Shiv Sena chief has betrayed the mandate of people of Maharashtra, we can find several similarities with certain characters in Mahabharat. Certainly Uddhav Thackeray resembles the character of blind Dhritarastra. Adhitya Thackeray although not vociferously but still resembles the character of Duryodhana and certainly Sanjay Raut fulfils the space and role of Shakuni.

Many tukde tukde gangs are asking why BJP could not stop Shiv Sena break the alliance of 35 years old and does that not reflect the bad politics of BJP. All those tukde tukde gangs must realize that it was the greed and lust for power of Shiv Sena, that had broken the alliance and not because of bad politics of BJP. BJP and Devendra Fadnavis played the role of Pandavas by upholding truth, justice and dharma.

Like Yudhishthira (symbol of truth), Devandra Fadnavis alone has the right to claim the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra because the alliance fought under his leadership and BJP is the single largest party in Maharashtra assembly. Although many leaders in Shiv sena remains as helpless as Bhisma, Kripacharya, Drona and are still persuading the blind Dridarastra but the intoxication of power injected by Shakuni upon the chief of Shiv Sena is far too high and hence the chief of Shiv Sena is not going to free from such intoxication in near future. The greed of Duryodhana has caused Mahabharat war and destruction of Hastinapur and so shall the greed of Shiv Sena going to destroy the party.

During war, Duryodhana joined hands with several bad forces to fight Pandavas but at the end it was not only Duryodhana but also all those bad kings too got eliminated.

Ajit Pawar today represents the character of Vidura. Vidura could not stand with injustice and treachery and hence moved away from Kaurava group and stood neutral. Only difference with Ajit Pawar is that he has joined the side of dharma, truth and justice. The floor test will be the real Kurushetra war where many legislatures from Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress would support justice and honesty than will remain with injustice and adharma and perish at the end. Let us hope BJP wins the trust vote and truth and justice prevail.

Certainly the writing on the wall is clear for Shiv Sena. Maharashtra is not going to forget and forgive Shiv Sena for the betrayal.  After winning the election, the greed and lust for power had pushed Shiv Sena to cause great instability to the state of Maharashtra. Like how entire Kaurava got destroyed, Shiv Sena too will be eliminated from the political map of India…. all in the hands of just time.

People of India must move away from supporting the dynastic forces and family owned political forces like DMK, congress, Shiv Sena, JDS, SP etc., because only power and money matters for all these dynastic forces and not governance and sab ka vikas agenda of Modi.

If people support such tukede tukede gangs, instability, corruption, nepotism and open brokerage and deal making for power alone shall be the by-product of such support. Let us save India by defeating all those dynastic forces and let us support stability, assertiveness and corruption free governance. Only hope for New India is Modi and Amit Shah therefore let us supports BJP unconditionally and save India.

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