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“Unable to buy vest, Baghdadi had to wear his suicide vest which ended his life” – How economic slowdown ended ISIS founder’s life

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Idlib: US President Donald Trump had announced to the world on Sunday, that the leader of ISIS (can’t expand to preserve secular fabric) Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has killed himself by detonating his suicide vest.

This has got nothing to do with the power of USA or the strategy of its Army. One thing that had contributed to the death of ISIS leader was economic slowdown caused by Modi’s poor economic steps.

A Pakistani model wearing its indigenious vest (that has not seen any economic slowdown) which killed ISIS head Baghdadi.

Incoming reports from the corners of Syria has revealed a shocking info that Baghdadi was unable to find a vest during his final hours and had to wear suicide vest which had ended his life.

An ISIS soldier who had appeared to be in close contact with the ISIS leader, had said on conditions of anonymity, “Our leader always used to wear vests imported from the Indian subcontinent. He always prefers Indian vests because only those vests keep him fit and can make him jump walls and terraces easily. But due to the recent economic slowdown in India, there were not much vests being exported from there. ”

“On the fateful Saturday night, he was rummaging through his suitcase when the news about impending raid broke. He was unable to find a vest because all his older vests were torn and due to economic slowdown, he was unable to buy an Indian vest. So, he had to go for the vest imported from Pakistan, that was the suicide vest, which was hanging in his room. And whatever happened later, everyone in the world now know via news.”, the soldier started sobbing and we had to provide him directions to NTDV where he said he would find his next profession.

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